How to Find and Delete Fake Followers in Twitter

There are more than 20 million Fake accounts are there in twitter. Fake Followers clutter your Stream with their Spam Status or Tweets. Fake profile are created for Spamming. Having Fake Followers in your Twitter will only Clutter your Stream and make it hard to find your Real Followers Updates.

Fakers App

This App help you to find how many Fake followers or Inactive Accounts you have in your Followers List.

Open Fakers App Page and click Connect to Twitter, a new windows will Open you need to Authorize the Fakers App to use your Twitter Account. After you click authorize app you will see your Results in Few Seconds. If you have large number of followers it may take few minutes to Show your Result.

How to Find and Delete Fake Twitter Followers


The Result will Display Fake, Inactive and Real Followers my case 9% of my Followers are Fake,17 % Inactive Followers .according to Fake App if a Twitter profile has less followers or no followers, these Profiles has slight activity and follow large number of Profiles, it must be an Fake profile.

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The Report Also displays few details about your flowers. I can see my follower’s language 83% of my Followers Speak English and 8 % of my followers are not tweeted in 100 days. Fakers App also Show some fake followers Profile.

How to Find and Delete Fake Twitter Followers

# Fakers App offers 3 types of plans

1. Free Account Allow you to unlimited checks on your Twitter profile. And Fake Follower Scores.

2. Basic Account lets you to search unlimited and Advanced Fakers Report, you can also manually block fake accounts.

3. Premium Account will auto block Fake followers and others Features that I mention on first 2 Plans.

Twitter Audit 

Twitter Audit take random sample of 5,000 followers from the twitter Profile and Give a Score to Every followers from the ratio of followers to following, Number of Tweets and last tweet’s Date.

To find your Fake followers, Visit Twitteraudit Website, 

Type in your twitter Screen name and Click Audit, 

Authorize Twitter Audit to use your account, 

Twitter Audit will Display Your Twitter Profile, 

Click Run an Audit to See your Report. 

My Twitter Profiles Audit Score is 92% which is Percentage of my Real Followers and it says 61 of my followers are Fake. The scan also shows how Twitter Audit Sees my Account in my case my Account is real.

Free version of Twitter Audit allow you to Check for Fake Followers .in order to block them you need Pro Version of twitter Audit.

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Fakefollowers will check random sample of your followers against a list of criteria, like your followers following ratio and their tweets spam words, most of their tweets are retweets or links and more. If a Profile hasn’t tweeted for more than 90 days it will considered as inactive Account.

Open Fakefollowers

Enter your Twitter Username and hit Check

Now Grant access to Fakefollowers to use your Twitter Account. Click Authorize App

In few seconds you can view your Fakefollowers Report. The result will be in Percentage.

It also show some of the empty and suspicious accounts. Hitting on the Block all button will delete all of your Fake followers.

This tool is 100% free to use. If you have large Number of Followers you should check more than 1 Time.

Note: These Tools Scoring method is not Accurate. So check the Spam Accounts yourself before deleting them.

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