How to Enable Guest browsing in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of my favorite browser on windows and Android. Chrome works well in all Platforms it allow to sync Bookmarks, Extensions and Settings across all platforms. Everyone knows how useful this feature is.

If anyone try to use google Chrome on your Computer or Android Device, it will become problem for you that person can access all of your Saved password and Settings. You might customized chrome to suit your need so you don’t want someone to change your When Someone want to use your Google Chrome you can Enable Guest Browsing that allow the user to Browse Only.

Chrome Guest Browsing is Similar to the incognito Window. The only difference is the user Can’t access the bookmarks and Extensions in Guest Browsing.

How to Enable Guest browsing in Google Chrome

How to enable Guest mode in Google Chrome

This method work on both Windows and mac

1. On the top right side of google Chrome, you will see your Google profile name. Click the name and a small box will show up.

2. Click Switch Person, and a Small Windows will Open.

3. Choose browse as Guest.

4. It will open a New Chrome Window, Pages you view in this window won’t appear in the browser history and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on the computer after you close all open Guest windows. Any files you download will be preserved.

Chrome Guest Browsing is Possible in Android and iOS, but the Methods to Enable Guest Browsing is a bit far as I know this is the best way to Do this.

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Enable Google Chrome Guest Browsing in Android

1. Open Chrome

2. On the top right side of browser you will find three Vertical Dots Tap Once

3. Tap to Open Settings

4. On the top right you will see your Account name and Email, Tap on you name

5. At the Top a Blue Button will visible. Tap on the Blue button this will turn off your Sync.

6. Now you Data’s will stop synching with your Google Account, so if any Change were made it won’t affect your Settings and Preferences.

7. When you don’t Need Guest mode, tap on the Blue Button (step 5) and turn Sync ON

How to Enable Guest browsing in Google Chrome

Enable Guest browsing in iOS

1. Open google Chrome.

2. Tap On the three Vertical Dots located in the Top Right side

3. Tap Settings

4. At the Top you will see your Google Account name and Email, tap on your Name

5. Tap on manage Accounts.

6. Now Choose Use Chrome without a Google Account.

7. This will Stop Chrome from synching your Data’s and Settings. This will only stop Sync. Your Bookmarks and Settings will remain same. If you don’t want to share your Bookmarks just delete it.

8. To start Sync Your Setting back. Log in with your Google Account. 

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