How to Download your Entire Google Search History

Google lets you download your entire Search History, Already google allowed their users to view their Search history. But now everyone can download their Entire Google Search history with a few clicks.

You can download your every search query that you made while you were signed in to Google. Your search history will only appear for the time that you have enabled the Google Web history Settings.

To download your google Search history go to Google History page. Sign in with your google Account password.

At the top right corner, you will see a gear icon, click the gear icon and select download from the drop down menu.

How to Download your Entire Google Search History

Now a warning message will Appear read the Message carefully and Click “Create Archive”.

Then google will prepare your Search history Archive for Download. When your Archive is ready for download google will send you the Download link to your Gmail.

Your google Search will be saved as a Zip Archive in google Drive. The Archive will be located in Takeout Folder.

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Google introduced the takeout feature in 2011, it lets you download multiple google products Archive. You can download the Archive of your Gmail, Google Photos, Calendar, YouTube, Google+, hangouts and more.

Before downloading your Search history, Do you really need a copy of your Google Search history archive on your Computer? What uses might you ever have for that data? Your Archive may contain Sensitive information so do not use public computers to download your Archive. And make sure you always have control over your Archive.

How to Download your Entire Google Search History

Protect Your Google Account with Two Step Verification, Don’t rely on Weak passwords.

Downloading your Search history only gives you a copy of your archive held by Google and it doesn’t delete your search history from Google’s Archive.

if you want to Delete your Search history go to the Web & App Activity page, Select the Search Query’s that you want to Delete and click remove items at the Top. If you want to Remove Everything click the gear icon and Select “Remove items” choose “the beginning of time” from the Drop Down menu and hit remove.

You can also pause your web Search activity if you pause your Search history Google Search won’t save your Search Queries into Google’s Do that Open Google Account-history Settings page. And click on the blue icon, a message will Appear click Pause. From now on your Google History won’t be saved in google Archive. You can Turn on your Search history at any time you want.

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