How to Download WhatsApp images to Computer

When a Image file or, or any media file is received in whatsApp. It will automatically stored in the Phone memory. You can download the media without Opening the corresponding WhatsApp message.

So when you receive an image file in WhatsApp the image will be stored in Phone’s memory card (SD card).with the help of DropSync Android App you can Send your WhatsApp images to your Computer.

I guess this method work only with Android version of WhatsApp. I have no idea about iPhone version.

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How to Send WhatsApp Images to Computer

DropSync Scan the media folder of WhatsApp and when a Photo is added to that folder. The Photo will automatically sent to your Dropbox. You can also send the image to Google Drive and box Metactrl has Apps for that.

How to Download WhatsApp images to Computer

First Download DropSync from Google play and Install it.

1. Open Dropbox folder in your Computer and create a folder and rename to WhatsApp images or anything you want.

2. Open DropSync in your Smartphone and Authorize the App to Access your Dropbox Account.

3. Now set the default local folder as

“/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images”

4. Now choose the Dropbox Folder for Saving Synced images in that case choose the Folder that you created in Step 1

5. In Sync method Select upload only. Because it’s not a 2 way sync. We want to Send WhatsApp images only.

6. By default the Auto sync interval is set to 1 hour. If you want to change that go to App Settings and Change the Autosync interval.

.How to Download WhatsApp images to Computer

That’s it. When you receive an image on whatsApp. The image will automatically sent to your Dropbox. since your Computer is running the image will be saved to Dropbox.

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