How to Download Free Music from Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music Streaming Service from is also works like a music Download store like Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s Prime Music.

You can buy Songs in Google music Store via Pay per click System. The best part is Google Play offers some free songs to Download. If you are familiar with Google play music you probably know about “free song of the Week“. However you can Download more free songs other than that.

There are more free music’s waiting under Google Play music’s main well as songs you can also get Albums for how to get free songs apart from free song of the week. You can’t see any other links to free songs in google play music main page. The problem is google Play music doesn’t have an Advanced Search Option to find Free tracks specifically.

How to Download Free Music from Google Play Music

How to Download Free Songs of the Week in Google Paly Music

If you know how to download free song of the week skip this Section and Scroll down to find how to use Search Option to find more free Songs.

Go to Google Play Store

Log in to your Google Play Account.

Choose Music sub menu in the left side panel.

To get Google’s free song of the Week all you have to do is Scroll down to the Screen until you see the free song of the Week link.

Click and Open the link, without Downloading the Song you can add it to your Online add the song to the library click on the Free button, located at the right side of the Song.

Next make sure the song you selected is free and Click the Add to Library button.

You will see a Congratulation Message. You can listen or share the song from there for now click close to continue.

Open my Music located in left side. The song will be in My music now you can download the song to your Device. 

How to Download Free Music from Google Play Music

How to find more free songs With Google Play Music Search

As I mentioned earlier there are no links to free music’s other than the free song of the week, to find more free songs you need to use Google Play Search.

To Search single Songs, Enter Free Songs in the Google play music Search box. You can also try Free Music it might give you Additional contents.

Your Search Results will Display a list of free songs

You can view the list as single tracks by clicking the See more button in Songs Section.

If you are trying to Find Free Albums clicking the See more Button in the Album Section will do the trick.

If you want to add a free song to your Library. Click the Free button located in the right side of the song.

If you want to add a Free album to your library, click the free button by the Album cover Photo.

Before adding a Song or Album to the library make sure that the song is free and then Add to Library.

Before downloading any songs, you can listen to them for 90 seconds. If you want to Play a Song just click on the Songs Tittle.

Whether you are Downloading Free song or Paid Song you must have a Payment Option in Google Play. When Adding Free songs to your music Library verify the song is Free otherwise you will be charged for the Song.

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