How to Download APK Files From Google Play to PC

Downloading an Application or game from Google play is Easy in your Android Device, just search the app name and press install button on app page. If you own more than one Android Device like Android Phone and Tablet. You need to install an app one after the will be time consuming and Data loss. Even if you use Wi-Fi you should backup your Apps.

There are many Apps available in Google play that lets you to Backup Installed Apps on a Device and store it on Micro SD card. But installing an App without Google Play on a Device is a Long Website called Downloader APK that help you to download an Android App without Google play.

Online APK Downloader is easy to use it will download an APK file in Download an APK file all you need is an Applications Package name (e.g: com.leopixel.boxjump1) .

How to Download APK From Google Play to PC

How to Download APK files from Google play store to pc

1. Go To website

2. Find an App in Google Play and copy its package name.

3. Paste the package Name in the text box and hit “Generate Download link”.

4. a Page will Open with the description of the app.

5. Scroll down to the bottom and Hit Download.

6. A new page will open and Your App will start to download in Few Seconds.

Now all you need to do is Transfer the APK file from your Computer to Android Device and install it.

How to Download APK From Google Play to PC

Why you Need APK Downloader

# Create a APK Backup for your apps

# install and Share an Application with multiple Android Phones

# You can experiment with Apps

# Sometimes Updated version doesn’t work like the old one .when you have back up for an old version you can install the old version.

# if you Factory reset your Device you can install your apps without Downloading one more time.

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