How to Download And Install Viber on Desktop

We love to be in touch with our friends and family’s from one corner of the world to other. We want to be in touch with our friends and loved ones without being charged. Well messenger Apps can do the trick for us.

There are so many messenger Apps available in Smartphone market. However we can use them only on Smartphones. Recently WhatsApp made their Messenger App available for Google Chrome Browser. Now Viber also released their messengers App for Desktop.

The Viber Desktop version will support on any device and on any network. The only requirement to use Viber is the message sender and receiver must have Viber accounts and use Viber on their Phones.

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How to Download And Install Viber on Desktop

How to install Viber on Desktop

Before installing Viber on your Desktop, you must have installed Viber on your Smartphone. Viber is available on all major Smartphone platforms android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian Devices. Once you have installed and activated Viber on your mobile Device you can install Viber desktop client on Computer.

Before downloading Viber Desktop Application, make sure your PC meets the system requirements and click this link to Download viper.

After the download is completed Open the Setup file and you will see License Agreement. Click accept and the install Process will continue.

The installation Process will complete in few minutes, once it’s finished Viber will Display a message asking is Viber App Installed on your Smartphone, if yes Click “Yes”.

How to Download And Install Viber on Desktop

In the next Step you have to choose your country from the dropdown menu and type your mobile numbers in the given space. Then click continue.

Now you will receive a text message which has the Activation code

Enter that activation code on Viber Desktop App and finish the Activation Process. From now on you can Chat with your contacts and send SMS from your PC also.


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