How to Delete Your Facebook Search history

Remember how many times you did Facebook search for your Crush. And searched for the Facebook Pages that others don’t want to know. If you remember it or not Facebook does remember it forever. Facebook stores every Single Search word that you entered in the Search box. 

But Facebook policy settings for your search data is set to Only you are the Only one can view your Search history .you might feel uncomfortable having those info on your Facebook .if you think like that it’s Easy to delete and clear your Facebook Search history.

How to Delete Your Facebook Search history

How to Delete Your Facebook Search history

1. Open your Facebook Profile page and click on the “Activity Log” located at the bottom of your Facebook cover photo.

2. Activity log is where Facebook keeps list of your Posts, Photos, Likes, Comments and your Search history.

3. click on the “More” button on the left hand menu above Apps tab.

4. Next Scroll down to the bottom of the list you will Find “Search” tab below “Questions” click and open search.

Facebook Search history

5. Now you can view all of your Facebook Search history sorted by Date.

6. You can delete your Facebook Search history in 2 ways

7. If you wanted to delete specific search words click on the “Hide from timeline” button and press delete

8. You can delete your entire Search history by clicking on 

Clear Searches“ button located on top right side of the page it will ask for your confirmation press Clear Searches to confirm and Done.

Delete Your Facebook Search history

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