How to Create Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists is feature that allow the users to organize the people they are following. Twitter lists is exactly same as Facebook’s Lists and Google+ Circles Feature. With Twitter list you can add bunch of twitter users into a group.

There are many reasons for creating Twitter lists, you can view tweet Streams of the People who are on your list. You can also follow lists created by other users, following a twitter list doesn’t mean following every user on that list. With list you can follow users without really following them.

Creating Twitter Lists

1. Click on your Profile icon and select Lists

2. In the List page click on “Create new list”

3. A small window will pop up, Enter your List name and make your List public or private

4. Save list.

How to Create Twitter Lists

Add People to your Lists

1. Open the Profile of the User you want to Add to the list

2. Click on the gear icon located next to the Follow button

3. Select “Add or Remove From Lists”

4. A small window will pop up with you list name

5. Tick a List

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