How to Create a Theme for Google Chrome

Chrome Web store have wide range of themes. Chrome themes change your chrome browsers Default background image, and custom color for new tab pages. The best thing about google Chrome themes is you can create your own theme. Google’s official App My chrome theme allow you to create your own theme for chrome browser.

My Chrome Theme App is easy to use you can create a theme in Few allow you to customize background image and new tab’s color scheme. You can also share your themes.

How to Create Theme for Chrome

Before starting you need to download my Chrome theme from Google click this LINK and Install My Chrome theme form webstore. Now open my Chrome Theme from chrome apps.

How to Create a Theme for Google Chrome


First you need to upload a Background image for your theme. You can upload a background image from your Computer or your Webcam. Choose a high Quality Wallpaper image,1600 x 900 resolution images works good. Once you uploaded the image you can adjust the position of the image and you can add effects to your image. Once the image customization Process is done click on continue to step 2.

How to Create a cool Theme for Google Chrome


On Step two you are going to add colors to toolbar, background tab color, and frame color. Click on the small brush icon a small window will pop up pick a color from available color. If you find it hard to match the color with your background image color you can use Google’s Famous I am Feeling lucky option. Click on I am feeling lucky button it will automatically select some colors. The colors will automatically try to match the new tab background image. And continue to step 3.

How to Create a Theme for Google Chrome for Free


You are almost done. Give a Suitable name for your theme. And click on “Make my theme”. And your theme will be generated. Press install my theme button to install your theme on Chrome. You can also share it via email, Facebook, Google + or anywhere .you can also download your theme as a Zip file and use it in future.

How to Create a Theme for Google Chrome in 2 minutes

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