How to Create a Missed Call Alert in Android Phone

If you ever missed a Phone call because you didn’t hear you’re Phone Ringing or you didn’t feel your phone vibrate in your pocket. Anyone who Own a phone had missed a call at various Situations. Today’s smartphones are not good at drawing our Attention after we missed a Call. That why we need a missed call reminder.

Missed call reminder is an Android App it will remind you when you miss calls and texts. First you need to download this App, missed call reminder is an free app and run on Android 2.1 and above.

After installing Launch missed call reminder, it will activate automatically. It doesn’t walk you through its Settings and features. However you don’t have to do any Changes. but you should learn to configure missed call reminder so you can use this app Effectively.

How to Create a Missed Call Alert in Android Phone

Missed call reminder has different kind of Profiles. Every Profile have different Options they tells the App how to behave during different time of the day. First two Profile is for Call and SMS their default settings tells the App to beep and vibrate for 3 hours after a missed call or SMS. if you feel three hours is long you can change it. The first two profiles are active from morning 8 to Night 11.Now the Third Profile will active for remaining hours. If you don’t want the Night Profile you can delete it. If you tap and hold on the profile a menu screen will show up from there you can remove the profile. You can also duplicate a profile.

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If you want to customize a profile just tap once on a Profile. You can change the notifications sounds and vibration type for the reminders. You can also make your camera’ LED flash light blink, but this Option is Available for All Mobiles.

Below the Profiles list you will find list of Notifications. They are like Sub Profiles which is executed in one by one after the delay Time Expired. The first Notification is active for a given Time (Default 30 seconds) then Next notification and so On. You can edit them as you want.

You can Also Create your Own Profile, just tap on the big plus icon located in the top right corner.

Download Missed Call Reminder from google Play.

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