How to Copy Gmail Emails from old Account to new Gmail Account

If you wanted to move your Gmail Account to another, you can easily transfer all of your emails from your old account to new Gmail Account .you can download all of your Emails from your old Email account and send them to your New Account using Gmail POP access. Once you set up this Feature it will send the email that arrive in future.

Transfer Gmail Messages to another Gmail Address

Open your new Gmail Account Go to Settings >Accounts and Import “Choose check mail from other Account

Copy Gmail

Select “Add POP3 mail account you own “now a window will pop up add your old Gmail Address in the Text box and hit next Step.

Gmail will ask for your old email Password Enter your old account Gmail Password and check “Lave a copy of retrieved messages on the server” and “label incoming messages” so gmail will label the emails that you copy from the old email. it will help you to understand which emails are downloaded from old Email.

Finally hit Add Account and you’re done

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