How to Check Yahoo,Hotmail emails through Gmail

Gmail is a Fantastic Email Service that I ever used .Gmail offers lot of Features that other E mail providers don’t .and Gmail Give New Features and Changes often that’s why Gmail Stands Out of Crowd from other Emails .i am not Saying other Emails are not good I think Gmail is One Step Ahead of other email Services . peoples who are using yahoo mail or Hotmail want to get Gmail Account Should Think about Switching to Switching to Gmail will impact you some way you could lose all of your contacts so switching to Gmail is not easy .Don’t worry you can have Gmail account without losing your old Contacts and E Mails . You will view your yahoo or Hotmail mails on Gmail with some simple Tweaks on Gmail.

How it Works

You have to setup Add POP3 email account in your Gmail account. With that, you can join in your old Yahoo or Hotmail Account with your old Account is active and you can view your old account E-mails from Gmail.

How to Check Yahoo,Hotmail emails through Gmail

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How to View Yahoo, Hotmail Emails in Gmail

You can read and send other Email Account Emails directly from here in the Gmail interface .you don’t need to login to the other Email accounts. In addition, Gmail will get all your old Emails from your old Email Service. When you send email from Gmail, the recipient will receive the mail as sent from your old Email service.

Create a New Gmail Account or you can use your Exciting Gmail Account.

Go to Settings . settings Will Be located on the top right of Gmail Interface.

In Settings Go to Accounts and import tab. on the 4th Row select Add a POP3 mail account you own

Now a Window will pop up and ask enter the email address of the account to get mail from. Enter your other Email Address and Click next Step.

Gmail will ask for your password so enter your password to verify.

Now you have some options to choose .for this I am giving a recommended settings from Gmail so follow this steps it will do the Work

Check Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server If you did,t do that your old mail from the other Account will be deleted and you will only able to view it in Gmail account.

Check always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail

Checking Label incoming messages will help you to identify which Emails in your inbox is from your other Accounts

If you want to see your other account emails in your Inbox Check Archive incoming messages .if, you want to see your other account emails in inbox leave unchecked.

Now Click Add Account

If you get an error message as POP is, disabled you need to go to the settings page of your other email account and look for a way to enable POP. For Hotmail POP Settings Visit this Page. Yahoo users can view how to enable POP in yahoo HERE.

Gmail POP3 Settings

When this process completed Gmail will ask do u want to send email as this Address .so you can Compose Mails in Gmail but it will appear to recipient that you sent from your other Email cool isn’t it. 

Note: you can this Add POP3 option for your other Gmail Accounts also. 

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