How to Back Up WhatsApp Chats History and images to Google Drive

WhatsApp recent update 2.12.45 have a new back up Feature. This new Backup method lets you use google Drive to back up WhatsApp Conversation. Follow this Methods to simply backup and Restore your WhatsApp Chat history and Photos to google drive.

First Update WhatsApp by visiting WhatsApp Google PlayStore Page. Or you can Download the latest WhatsApp APK file from APK Mirror.

Once you finish installing the Update.

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, you will see your last local backup time and Google Drive Settings. 

To Enable Google Drive backup, Under Google Drive Settings change the backup Frequency from off to Weekly or Daily.

How to Back Up  WhatsApp Chats History and images to Google Drive

Then you have to add your Google Account Email .and Select whether you want to backup using Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and Mobile networks.

How to Sync WhatsApp Chats History and images to Google Drive

Usually, WhatsApp does its Daily backup at 4:00 am Every Day so you have to wait until 4 am or you can Simply initiate it by tapping the Backup now option located on Top. The backup now Option will automatically create a local backup in your Phones internal Memory or SD card up and Send the Chat Data to Google Drive.

How to Back Up  WhatsApp Chats History and images to Google Drive

Once WhatsApp Started to backup you can’t stop the Process. If you have sent and received lot of media in Conversations the backup Size will be Quite Large, So be aware of that otherwise you will overuse your Data Usage. 

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When you Use WhatsApp on a new Phone, after you sign in with your mobile number, WhatsApp will check to see if there is any local backup or Google Drive Backup for your Account. If it found any backup Data the App will ask you to restore the Data from Drive or Local memory.

How to Save  WhatsApp History  to Google Drive

More info:

# WhatsApp’s local backup and Google Drive Backups are incremental, which means you can’t decide what to Backup.

# Your WhatsApp Backup Data is Hidden in Google Drive, to view the Hidden WhatsApp backup Open google Drive on Web, go to Settings > Manage Apps and WhatsApp will be listed as having hidden Files.

# WhatsApp doesn’t backup Videos, only Images and Chats

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