History of Popular Programming Languages

Programming Language is a type of written code that tells a computer to do something. Programmer’s use Programming Languages to Create web Application and Software’s.there are many Programming languages used in the computer World and New Languages invented Every Year. Most Languages don’t follow one type.

There are 1.2 Million plus Computer Programmers and Software Developers in United States. The First programming Language was created in 1950,s it is used to communicate instructions to a Computer. The first High level programming language is “short code” created for Electronic Computer in 1949. From 1950 to 2015 the Computer World has Seen many high level Programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Visual basic, PHP, Perl, Delphi, Ruby and many others. Here is the history of popular programming languages.

History of Popular Programming Languages



Pascal is a High-level language it was created by Niklaus Wirth on 1970.Pascal’s Primary use is Teaching Programming. Pascal Commercial Version widely used in the 1980s. It is used to teach Structured programming and Data Structuring .Pascal used in Apple’s Lisa and Skype.

C Language

C is based on an earlier programming language called B. C is a low level Language created on 1972 by Dennis Ritchie .the C language is the Second popular language after Java. Many Programming Languages like java, JavaScript, C#, Perl, PHP, and Python is based on C Language. The C language mostly used on Unix Programming and game Development.


C++ is created by Bjarane Storustrup on 1983 .it is an intermediate, object oriented Programming language. Created as an Extension of C language with enhancements such as Virtual functions, Classes and templates. C++ is widely used in Commercial software Development, Video Games, Embedded software’s, Server client application. It is used in many popular products such as Google Chrome, Adobe software’s, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

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Objective C

Bradcox and tom love Crated Objective C on 1983 .it is a high level Programming language Expanded on C . Objective C is used in Apple OS.it Powers in OSX and iOS and its APIs.it can be used to create iPhone apps and games


Perl is a High level Programming language created by Larry wall on 1987.created for report Processing on Unix Systems. Perl is known for its high power and Versatility .Perl’s Primary use is Data base Applications, System administration, Graphics Programming, and Network Programming .Amazon, IMDB, and Trickmaster uses Perl.


Created by Guido Van Rossum on 1991. Python is a High-level Programming Language. It is created to support a variety of programming styles, python is pretty fun to use, its Sample code, Instructions, and Tutorials often contain Monty python (British Comedy Group) references. Python primarily used in Web Applications, Games, Information, Security and Software Development. Mostly used by google, Spotify and yahoo.

History of Python


On 1993 Yukihiro Matsumoto Created Ruby, it is named after the birthstone of one of the Creators. Ruby is inspired by Ada, Perl, Lisp, Smalltalk and more.it is designed for productive, and pleasant Programming .Ruby is mostly used for Web Application development. Frequently Used by Hulu and Twitter.


Java is Created by James Gosling on 1995. The name java is named for the Amount of Coffee Consumed while Developing The language.java is created for an interactive Television Project. Currently Java is the world’s most popular Programming language.java Primarily used for Web application Development, Networking programming, Graphical user interface (GUI) Development and Software Development. It is mostly used in Android Operating System and Applications.

History of Java


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP on 1995 .it is an Open Source Programming language. Used for Building Dynamic Web pages. Mostly PHP used by Open Source Software Companies. PHP’s Primary uses are Building Dynamic Web pages, Server Side Development. More than 1 Million top Websites Run on PHP Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, Joomla, and WordPress are few of them.

History of  PHP


Brendan Eich Crated JavaScript on 1995.javascript used to extend web page Functionality. Mostly used on Dynamic Web pages for form Validation and Submission, Ussr Activity Tracking, Animation and More. Primarily used on Web Browsers, Dynamic Web Sites, Desktop Gadgets and Application, Android Games and more. JavaScript Used by Gmail, Mozilla Fire Fox, Adobe Photoshop.

History of Popular Programming Languages

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