HD Currency Converter & Forex Android App

This application for the people who travel to know the prices in different currencies (euro dollar exchange rates, pound, Japanese yen …). The traveler will be able to use the calculator to do easy and simple calculations and get simultaneously the price in other currency. The traveler can use graphs to see the trends of exchange rates of world currencies, their percentage changes in an easy way.

This finance application is very useful in many occasions of life (travel, remittance of money abroad, bank account operations) and is user friendly.

HD Currency Converter & Forex Android App

Easy & Interactive currency converter featuring 180+ world currencies, live exchange rates, currency calculator, Forex Trends and Currency charts. Now with offline mode!

USD, Euro, Pound, Yen and many more currencies at your fingertips, updated regularly. Accuracy of exchange rates is important to us and HD Currency Converter is powered by Yahoo Finance to give you the most updated and precise currency exchange and commodity rates on your phone.

HD Currency Converter & Forex Android App

App also enables you to set your favorite currency list in an easy way and have all your important currencies and commodities in one single view.

Some Useful Features of the App

  •  180+ world currencies, 4 commodity metals, and counting… 
  •  Live exchange rates (Constantly updated at intervals)
  •  Integrated calculator for better ergonomic usage.
  •  Personal List – Easy! Just select your favorite currencies & metals.
  •  Offline mode (absolutely no traffic)
  •  Convert multiple currencies simultaneously
  •  Set the number of decimal places (0-4)
  •  Pre-Integrated Country flags for all currencies (no download)
  •  Live exchange rates powered by Yahoo finance
  •  Your travelling companion for finance calculations on-the-go
  •  13 different languages supported
  •  Nice charts for exchange rates

Download HD Currency Converter & Forex

HD Currency Converter & Forex Android App

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