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Google inbox has some useful new much time I spend in my inbox, I think inbox is better than Gmail. Before using inbox I used to do list to remember my tasks. Now instead of creating a separate to do list I use inbox to create reminders. When you create a reminder the remainder will be added to the top of your inbox. If you are not using inbox send an Email to to get inbox invitation .

Inbox reminder help you to finish your tasks faster by providing Assistants and information’s, like countdown to deadline, Birthdays, Important Phone numbers and more. Sometimes we get important email from friends and family some of the emails might be very important. Inbox lets you add reminders to emails; just pin the email and you will see options to create an email as reminder.

Inbox Email Reminder

If you don’t want to see a reminder before the deadline you can snooze your reminder to come back later. You can even create repeating Reminders for things that need to done on regular basis like paying Rent, taking a walk ,calling your mother .no matter what you need to remember inbox Reminder is the place to keep track of the things you need to Complete.

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How to Create a Reminder from Email

1. Open the Email that you want to set as reminder

2. Click on the Pin icon

3. At the top of the email you will see “Remember to” following that type a name for your Reminder

4. Click Save.

5. If you want you can snooze the Email

 Email Reminder

How to create Reminder

1. Open your Inbox

2. Click on the Create button

3. Choose Reminder

4. Choose a reminder from the suggestions or you can add your own reminder. If you wanted to reminded in a certain Day or time even a place select Snooze.

5. Save

The remainder will be pinned to your inbox. If you created your reminder for different time or place you will find it in snoozed items in the main menu.

Inbox Reminder

How to Create Repeating Reminder

If something you wanted to remember regularly you can create a repeating reminder

1. Snooze a reminder

2. Pick date and time or place

3. Choose first day of your reminder and choose a specific time

4. Select does not repeat and choose one of the options.

5. Click Save

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