Free Resources to Learn Android Programming Step by Step

In Today’s Smartphones World android OS is growing at the incredible rate when Compared to other other Operating everyone who have interest in Programming wants to learn how to Develop Android Apps.

But Learning Android Programming is not an Easy Task you can’t learn to program android Apps in One Night. You should start to learn from Java basics and keep learn about the core concepts of Android Programming to become an Android Developer.

Important Things to Know before Developing your First Android Application

* You must learn Java, you can’t create an Android App without knowing java

* You should know about Android concepts and Core Programming concepts so you can use said concepts programmatically with java

* Developing your first App will take Time, it won’t happen in one night. This project is not for People who look for faster result. Remember you can’t eat an Apple in one bite.

* When you stuck on problem (Undoubtedly problems will happen every time you try build an App) don’t hesitate to Ask for help. Go to Stack Overflow if you didn’t get what you want there, then go to Reddit’s Android Subreddit, there is Plenty of Android Community’s and Android Help Forums are out there.

Free Resources to Learn Android Programming Step by Step


Here is the resources and Tutorial links, these will be useful for you to get started with Android Programming. If you are already an Android Developer maybe you can find something new to create you Applications even better.

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Learn Java

Learning Java is the first step for becoming an Android Developer, before developing an App you should know about Core Concepts of Programming thats why you need to learn java. You don’t need to master java just learn the fundamentals of Java Programming, and Concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Here are few Websites and Tutorials to learn Java:

Getting started to Java – A beginner’s guide to Java Programming

A Beginners Guide to Java

Java Tutorial (Extensive)

Introduction to Java Programming – by Lars Vogel

Video Tutorial – Learn Java Part 1: Basic Introduction

Interactive Java Tutorial for free

Introduction to Programming in Java (MIT Course)

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Resources to Learn Android Programming:

Official Android developer site this is the first place every Android developer should start.

DevBytes: a YouTube Channel Features wide range of Tutorials for Android Programming

Even if you intend skip rest of the links, make sure you visit the above link that one is important.

Getting Started with Android Development

Android Support Library to help maintain support your App with older versions of Android

Video Tutorials

Android Bootcamp Training

Tutorial: Android Application Development – A 9,000 foot overview

Suggested Books

Best Android Books and Resources 2014 Edition

FREE eBooks for Android Programming
and book Android Programming

Android Code Libraries, Samples and Tools to Build Android Apps

Android Asset Studio

Pull To Refresh Views for Android

Android PagerSlidingTabStrip Slide style Tab Indicator like the one in the Play Store

How to make Your Applications Tablet Friendly

Working With Fragments

Using Fragments in Android

finally, When Developing an Android App it is important to Know Java basics, Fragments and Layouts most of All it is really Important to Understand the Android UI(User interface) and how to use UI to Create a Good App Design,Remember familiarity of the App Design will ensure your Apps user friendliness.

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