Find How Much Time You Spend on Your Android Phone Everyday

Probably you Spend lot of time on your Android Phone, but do you really know what you really do with it? Using the app QualityTime you can find out how much time you spend on your phone and what you do in it. The App monitor your activity on your smartphone and show the Apps and games that you are addicted to. Here is how to get Quality Time App and Setup on your Android Phone.

First Download QualityTime from Google Playstore then Install it on your Android Device. After the installation log into QualityTime Using your Facebook or Email account. The App will walk you through some basic tutorials after that the opening screen will show a Message No Data that’s because you have not used any Apps.

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Quick Time Monitor Android Phone Everyday


As your Phone Data starts to roll in you can start to see in, depth Analysis of your Smartphone Activities. Qualitytime will track your total usage, Screen unlocks and individual Apps usage time. You can view your usage reports in hourly, daily and weekly reports.

By Swiping down from the QualityTime user interface you can see your weekly statistics and compare it with your daily usage. If you don’t want to track any particular App you can exclude that App from monitoring in QualityTime Setting.                   

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QualityTime can do more than monitoring your Phone can send App usage alerts too. To set usage alerts Open any apps individual App page and tap set usage alert so that you can set to show Warning messages when you are spending more time on Social networks or Games. You can also set up warning messages for total device usage time and number of screen unlocks.

In QualityTime main menu tap on take a Break Option to set up custom profiles for which Application can and can’t be used. You can create Profiles for Office and Home, once these Profiles are created just launch them manually or on a schedule to help you resist one more temptation of one more Facebook refresh.

If you are taking break QualityTime will block the Apps notification and collect them for you to check default QualityTime is connected to IFTTT, So you can connect it to a host of other Services (like Gmail, tumblr) to better manage your digital Life.

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