Find Best Games for your Android Phone with The GamesOn Project

We like to play games on our smartphones, Playing games on  mobile phone is like an addiction. Google PlayStore is filled with millions of Apps and Games and more than 100 apps and games are releasing every day. While more than million apps are out there you might spend most of your time searching for a best game.

A new Android Application the GameOn Project will help gamers to find best games. The App recommend games to the users based on the users tastes and interests or games recommended by other users .it is almost like Pandora for mobile games.

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Find Best game for Android Phones

The app uses an algorithm that select best games by their thousands of users likes. So the games GmaeOn Project recommends will surely suit your needs and taste. When starting GameOn Project for the first time it will ask for your Age, gender and some of your favorite Android games that you already played.

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The App is free and easy to use, it has more customization features. If you like a specific Genre games most you can choose your favorite genre. To match the games for your interests and tastes at first the app will ask you some random Questions like “do u like science fiction”, “do you like racing games”, “do you like free games” and etc. you can also enter some of your favorite games names.

How to Find Best games for you android Phone

I selected casual games as my favorite, so GameOn Project recommended games like Jetpack Joyride, Fruit ninja, Temple run, subway surfers and many other famous casual games.

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While searching for games users can filter their results by “Free games only”, “Action games”, “Multiplayer games” and etc. most of the games that GameOn Project displayed me as my Best matches are the game that I already played. However, I find some new games like hopeless: the dark cave, where is my water, Plague Inc.

The Games on Project find best Games for your Android Device

GameOn Project is definitely a good app to Find Best games, at present they have more than thousand users and when their user’s network grows the recommended game result will improve more. For those who want to find their next favorite game without asking friends and Google, The GameOn Project is the best App to look for.

Download The GameOn Project from Google Play 


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