DoDol Launcher – Best Android Launcher of 2015

Do you want a launcher with hundreds Of Themes, take a look at this Theme launcher with a Theme shop allowing you to have more than 5,000 Themes on your home screen. The launcher is called dodol launcher and it’s considered to be one of the fastest growing Application among existing Android launchers with over million downloads.

With these themes you can change the icons, the wallpapers, and you can change basic widget Styles so if you’re looking for a simple or minimalistic theme you can find it through the categories they also have art, brands, cue, flowers, and a wide variety of things you can choose from.

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DoDol Launcher - Best Android Launcher of 2015

If you want to change the themes every week they have a segment for weekly new themes or if you want a really nice looking Theme. I highly recommend their best Themes that people have downloaded over 1,000 times.

Before Downloading a Theme you can View its screenshots and a small description and also you will see recommended themes and a download button to apply it. Not only have that but Dodol Launcher come pre-installed with a Ram booster to close running applications in the background. I do not recommend using that though because most smart phones nowadays do that already so it’s not necessary.

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DoDol Launcher - Best Android Launcher of 2015

After applying a theme you will have a Google search bar widget and a quick settings toggle for turning on and off your Wi-Fi connection. You can also adjust the screensaver timeout period in your home Screen.

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Customizing is pretty Easy as well as you can see in live view what you’re adjusting. And you can adjust the grid size of your home screen you can see it while you are changing. And you also have the option for changing the icon size when changing the icon sizes it shows you in live view how big the icon will be. You can even add filters to your current wallpapers to change up the look. There’s not many options that you can change but if you want to keep it simple than you would definitely like this launcher.

DoDol Launcher - Best Android Launcher of 2015

Let’s say you install a theme, but you don’t like a specific icon or widget that’s been applied. You can long press it and a drop down menu will appear allowing you to select the different style or you can adjust the transparency the font or even the color.

My favorite Adjustment is the clock widget because I can change it up a lot and have a unique clock every single time I am on my home screen.

[Download dodol Launcher from google Play]

[Download dodol Launcher APK]

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