Crossy Road for Android and iOS Crossy Road Cheats Tips, And Tricks

Hipster Whales Massive Hit Game Crossy Road is now available on Android. Croosy road was released on November 20, 2014.developed by an indie company Hipster Whale. The Gameplay is simple the player have to cross the roads, rivers, train tracks and grass without hitting on anything as far as possible . crossy road features one touch controls in order to move the characters the player have to tap the screen . Along the way there will be many obstacles, such as rivers, trees, boulders, cars, trains and sometimes even gravestones.

If the player stays on the same spot or move too far back an eagle will come and snatch the player resulting in game over. Along the way there will be yellow coins with red “C’s” engraved on the covers signifying coins. To obtain these coins the player must simply move the character to the coin’s location.

Crossy Road for Android and iOS

Before starting a game, the player will have to choose a mascot (character) .the default mascot is a chicken, then you can unlock mascots by playing the game and collect coin to buy. Mascots are also available in app purchase. Mascots vary from different types of character such as animals and humanoid’s. every mascot have the ability to change the time and theme of the game and they have their unique abilities .there is one Easter egg mascot the pew die pug mascot is reference Pew Die Pie’s dog .

The developers said the game was inspired by Flappy bird and Frogged. This game was the finalist for the Game of the year award 2014 for Australian Game Developer Awards.

Download Croosy Road from Plystore
Crossy Road Tips,Tricks,Cheats  :

Before starting every Level Decide Whether you want high Score or Coins. My advice is to don’t focus on both at the same time.

Always play on landscape mode.

Always focus on grass. Grass is the only safe area.

For roads, note in what direction traffic moves.

Always look out for cop cars on road. Cop cars comes faster than other cars.

Constantly checking your score won’t help you so don’t check your scores often.

You can unlock a new character by two ways by spending 100 coins on lottery it will give you random character or you can spend 99 cents to buy a specific character.

You can’t buy 2 character in app purchase or by lottery. The first character is the hipster whale to unlock Hipster whale you have to find him during a run he randomly floats in the river you have to jump on the hipster whale when he floats. At the end of the run hipster whale will be unlocked as a mascot.

Crossy Road for Android and iOS Crossy Road Cheats Tips, And Tricks

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