Cool Tricks and Cheats for Super Mario Bros

I have been playing Super Mario Bros Since my childhood ,I would spend hours to Complete all Worlds and I completed the full game when I was 17 .but all this Day playing Super Mario Bros I Never Know about its Hidden Secrets . And one day while I browsing on YouTube I found a Super Mario Trick. And then I find some tricks and cheats for Super Mario Bros

Tricks and Cheats for Super Mario Bros

Keep Playing After the Game Over 

If you Died and Want to Keep play Mario Bros .and you don’t Want to Start all the way from World 1-1.i tell you how. after the game over you will come back to the player 1 or 2 Screen hold down the A Button and press Start .now you will be taken back to the World you Died in .if you are died in world 2-3 you game will Begin at the world 2-3

Small Mario with Fire Power

At the end of every level get hit by Bowser and also touch the axe at the same time. Now the level will complete .on the next Level you will get a Mushroom instead of the Fire Flower and the fire flower will make you small. The next time you get a fire flower it will give you fire power but Mario Will Stay small now your tiny Mario will Rock the World.

Minus World

In Super Mario Bros There is Glitch at the end Of the World 1-2 that takes you to the World Called Minus World. At the end of the level, when you get to the pipe and bricks, stand on the edge of the pipe while ducking and facing the left. Jump to the right and try not to break the block that’s directly next to the pipe. If you do it as my instruction you will Slide through the bricks and you will end up in the wrap zone level. Go inside the first pipe and you will be send back to the world

The Minus world is a water level .there is nothing to do on the level you can swim around and get to the end .once you get to end you will go through a pipe that take you back to the beginning .the minus level is actually World 36-1 but the 36 does not show up

One extra Life With Eight Koopa,s

When you kill and kick a Koopa to the right follow it .if the koopa hit eight other koopa you will get an extra life.

Mario Slide on One Foot

When you starting a level or coming out of a pipe press A & B at the Same Time and Mario will Slide .this is not a cheat but it’s kind of Fun to Watch Mario Slide .before doing this make sure Mario have fire power extra fun.

Infinity Life for Super Mario

At the End Of world 3-1, there is a Stair case that Lead Mario to the flagpole .two koopa,s will come down the stairs .jump over and leave the first one .when the second one comes jump on the koopa so he bounces against the stair .if you jump again and make it just right .you can jump on the koopa multiple times .and for every jump you get one Life .Don’t Overdo this if you You get more than 128 life .when the next time you lose a life the game Will Over


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