Bruce Lee Enter the Game For Android And iOS

Bruce Lee Enter the game is a Brand New 2D Arcade Fighting Game Starring Bruce lee the greatest Martial Artist of all Time. The game released on November 27th coinciding with the 74th birth Anniversary of Bruce lee. Hibernum Creations has released Bruce Lee: Enter the Game for both Android and iOS. At first I thought it was going to be an unfortunate boring swiping game, but as luck would have it has got a bit more complexity than I assumed. I think this game kind of similar to Shank .because the Game Art and Gameplay looks similar to shank.

The Game featuring Bruce lee fighting the Bad guys for Justice .you can play with the Signature Styles and Sounds of Bruce lee. The Game has Simple Swipe mechanics to punch, kick , and jump with the combining of these three Bruce lee will do Combo Moves .Bruce Lee enter the game has 40 Level and Boos Fights at the End Of each Levels .Saving your Friends and Completing others Tasks also part of the Game. Fury mode will help you to Knock-back Enemies with outstanding speed and incredible energy!. With a special power-up like NUMBING PAIN, you can Easily Defeat your opponents. When you gain More Experience, you will have access to some of the Mighty Weapons like NUNCHAKU, and other different Weapons. In Endurance mode, you have to knock out Enemies and Survive wave. After fighting Endless wave of Enemies, you will be Top on World leaderboard.

bruce lee enter the dragon

Bruce Lee Enter the game is officially licensed From Bruce Lee Estate. The game is Available for free Download in Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. However it comes with app Purchase.

Download Bruce Lee Enter The Game for ANDROID | IOS

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