Brothers in Arms 3 for Android and iOS

Brothers in Arms was announced at E3 2013 by Gameloft and Released on December 17 2014 .Brothers in Arms 3 set during the World War 2. The Soldiers ready to take orders from Sargent Wright .you lead the highly trained soldiers on the frontline and use their abilities on war. The Game Supports Multiple gameplay Modes and Challenges .in single player mode you can play with different soldiers with theirs own abilities. Single player Campaign have eight chapters of missions.

Brothers in Arms 3 introduces squads which can be upgraded or changed. There is one cool thing about this game is we can customize and upgrade soldiers weapon to complement their style of Gameplay. And also some additional weapons like sniper refiles, Assault refiles, Rocket launcher, pistols, Shotgun and Knives available in shop.

Brothers in Arms Android

Every soldiers have their own unique abilities few of the abilities are Rocket Blast, Molotov Cocktail, Mortar Fire ,Air Strike and many make the game more interesting you can unlock new allies and change them into new seasoned group soldiers like ability cooldown, damage output, AoE ability damage, HP pool, and more.

Campaign mod has 8 different missions such as stealth, Assault, Sniper, Siege and more. The game also features side missions in which the players can increase up their experience in order to unlock more weapons. They weren’t part of the story and just a challenge. Some enemy soldiers using an anti-air can be found during side missions.

Brothers in Arms 3 for Android and iOS

The graphics has better-quality and it features better graphics. Stunning indoor and outdoor Environment, Time and weather variations make the Game look like an AAA Game. The player can win rewards in special Events Ladder challenge with gradually more difficult missions for better prizes. Limited-time events with exclusive drops.

Brothers in Arms 3 Available for Download you can Download for free on the Google play and iTunes App Store

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