Best Websites to Learn Programming for Free

Making a Software or Website is fun and functional. Programming a Computer to do something is one of the best thing I ever did. Learning to code might help you in many ways you might find a better job, maybe you will create next Facebook. You can learn to code through online there are dozens of free resources out there. I list few of the best Websites to learn Programming. is my Favorite website on this specifically targeted towards Students. Anyone can use If you wanted to Learn Programming this website is the best place to Start. What I most liked about this website is the tutorial videos are educated by most famous minds of computer science like bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg. You can learn to code by playing angry birds and plants vs Zombies.

Best Websites to Learn Programming for Free


in Codecademy you can learn many Popular Programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby .codecademy interactive Tutorials are Easy to understand .if you have basic knowledge about Programming then you should start with Codecademy .

10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2015


Coursera is lets you take Full university Courses online for Free. If you want to Go deep into the code choose coursera, basically it is Stanford learning idea that turned into major startup. coursera offers over 200 courses from 30 Universities .they have over one million students from all over the World .

Khan Academy

Khan Academy help you to learn the fundamentals of computer Programming. It is the most popular online learning Resource. They offer Over 300 courses for Different Subjects like Science, Math’s, Commerce and Computer Science. They have Programming Lessons in the Form of Short video Tutorials.

Khan Academy


Technically Scratch is for kids scratch lets users to create their own games, Stories and Animations by Programming. Peoples can share their works in online community. Millions of peoples using scratch to create their own games and Animations

Code Avengers

If you going learn to Code for First time or you have basic knowledge about coding code avengers is a good place to start, Code avengers will help you Build Games and Apps step by Step. You have to choose a Programming Language and complete lessons .if you focused on your course you can finish your courses in 12 hours. You can create your Own Games and Application While Learning to Programming.

Code Racer

Code racer is an online game that Teach you to Code they force you to learn code to win the has more than 700 tutorial videos.

Code racer


I learned Python through Udacity. They have more than Programming Tutorials, udacity is similar to Kahn Academy they offer ton of courses. They teach about CSS, AI Programming and other Computer Science Stuffs.

Google Code University

If you are interested in Android Programming you better check Google Code University. With Google Code you can learn Ajax, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP.


The Codeplayer Offer interactive Presentations for Application. You can learn how Developers Create things from Scratch .once you learned enough and become a Pro you can Teach others How to Program.


If you are looking forward to be A Web Designer w3schools is a great place to start .it offers Excellent Tutorials for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQL, ASP,, PHP and Everything Related to Websites and Web Applications.

Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is doesn’t offer Programming Tutorials but once you learned programming Basics. You will Need stack overflow to fix your Problems.

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