Best Ways to Learn Programming for Beginners

Every day is becoming a fundamental digital literacy. Coding is not an easy thing to learn that why its valuable .Programming teach you to solve problem in real word and Digital World. In many ways you can Learn to code. Here is the list of best way to learn to code.

Sign Up for a Coding Course

There are many online courses available for Programming mostly online programming courses focus on one language so it’s easy for beginners to learn to code. These courses teach you college level education you can learn fundamental skills of coding. You can try Harvard’s CS50 Free course and there are many other.

10 Best Ways to Learn Programming for Beginners

Read Free Programming Books

Programming Books come in handy when you stuck on some problem. If you want to know something or got stuck on a problem refer a Book. More than 500 Free Programming books available online. These books available at Github and. there are many books available for Popular Programming Languages like C#, Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Pearl and more.

Free Programming Books

Play Coding Games

Learning to Code by playing games is the best way. Plenty of websites teach Programming by video tutorials. Some website teach Code by building simple or complex games by yourself. But some sites are literally games Code Racer, CodinGame and Code Combat tech you to code by playing games.

Learn to Code by Playing games

Find a Mentor

There are many Programmers out there willing to help the next Generation programmers. Hack Pledge is a Community of Developers helping each other’s to master Programming. Find a mentor and learn from them. You can also sign up to mentor if you teach what you know can help you to retrain your Knowledge.

Analyze other Programmers Code

If you analyze and Test someone else code you will get understanding of the big line of Codes and you will know how it Works. There are millions of Open Source codes available on Internet. You can learn anything and keep learning through testing the codes. If you improve the Program with your skill share it with other programmers.

10 Best Ways to Learn Programming for Beginners

Free Online Training Sites

Learning code through online is a good starting point. There are many websites like Codecademy, Code Avengers, offer free Online Training. Write your First Code using these websites Tutorials,, Codecademy, Khan Academy and code Avengers help you to understand the basics of Programming by creating a Website, Game and other Code Project. These sites doesn’t Go deep in Programming you need to continue your learning with other sources.

10 Best Ways to Learn Programming for Beginners

Use Scratch

Scratch is an Application that help kids to Learn Code. Even kids are learning to programming these Days. Many programs available for teaching kids to code they are every simple and easy to understand. Scratch is the best among other programs and its suits for everyone. If you find it hard to learn to code you should try Scratch it will teach you the Basics of Programming.

Start Small

It doesn’t matter which programming language or teaching Method you choose. Always start from beginning. While learning through online training (e.g:codecademy) delete all the tutorial code and start the code from scratch. Start with basic codes and wait as you progress. I listed many methods here if one method is not working for you try another method.

Choosing the right Programming Language

There are many Popular programming languages available. If you learned one it’s easy to learn another don’t choose anything very hard .some of the Programming languages are more beginner friendly than other my Experience Python, JavaScript and C++ are more beginner friendly than others and they are high level Coding Languages.

Why you want to Learn to Code

Before start learning to code you need to know the answer for why you want to learn Programming. If you want to be a Professional Programmer and want to work in Silicon Valley signing up for a college course is the best option. If you want to build websites or Games online tutorials and Books are good.Read: History of Popular Programming Languages 

In the comments Share how you learned to code.

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