Best Video Game Design Courses Online

Video games are billion dollar global industry .Video games encompasses dozens of job disciplines and employs thousands of people worldwide .the video game industry began in 1971 with the release of arcade game called computer Space the following year Atari released first commercial video game pong it was a massive success .according to statistics 58% of American play video games if you want to get into video game industry here is a good news for you video game industry value is $81.5 Billion in 2014 and a Fastest growing industry

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Importance of video game Design Degree

You don’t need a video game design degree to successful in video game field. many successful designers and developers are out there without a video game design can do extremely well in video game industry without a degree .having a game design degree from a well-known game design School can help set you apart from the crowd .As a game designer or Programmer having a sound understanding of the game development process and logic is enough to get into game design career.

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Online Video game design Degree

Getting a video game design degree from online schools is obviously a major advantage its its more flexible and continence .Students don’t have to travel to game design colleges campus and they can finish their assignments and homework’s on their own time. and students who seek online video game design degree have lot of high quality is options to choose .online schools and online degree programs vary widely in terms of quality we are mentioning three of the best online schools that offering video game design degree .

1. Full Sail University

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Full sail university offers Bachelor of Science in Game Design .students can choose from four Ares of focus Storytelling, design integration, practical design, and Design Theory the course duration is 32 months. the program includes study of digital literacy ,Design and Development analysis ,Game history and two game design projects a student project and the final game design projects .student will work in teams to Develop a game that playable at the end of course .there is also exams about social implication and integration ,Balancing game levels and prototyping .

2. Sanford Brown College

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Sanford brown college offers bachelor of fine arts in game production .the course is designed to give students practical skills and experience on game design .this course is thought by faculty’s who have worked in game design industry they have two more courses Digital imaging ,drawing Technics these courses closely follows industry standards. The program can be completed in 37 months if enrolled on full time and the degree costs $64,000 dollars. With Stanford Brown College students can be assured that they are receiving an education that prepare them for future employment.

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3. The Art Institute Online

The Art Institute Online

The art Institute online offers bachelor of science in Game Art And Design .Students learn gameplay and world creation, and they taught to create characters and backgrounds and evaluate game products .some courses include character and object design for animation .Students learn about character proportion and production protocols for pipeline and a courses in game production pipeline which explains a process and methods of developing a Video game .student have to Develop their portfolio And they can work with other students to create a New Game .this is a four year program .at the end of this program students have a professional portfolio that they can use to show their knowledge on game design and they can pursue their Game Design Career

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