Best Chrome Extensions 2014

Google Chrome is one of the most Used browsers along with the Giant three Browsers Firefox, and Internet Explorer .Google Chrome has clean interface and Easy syncing with Mobile and Tablets .it’s Very popular Browser but many chrome user don’t Know about the awesome things that we can do with some Extensions. Chrome webstore has more than 1 millions extension and apps .some of ualready use basic extensions like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Slides .here are the best 10 Extensions based on my experience. If you don’t see your Favorite Extension let me know in the Comments.

Chrome Extensions

Black Menu

Many of us Spend our most of the time using Google services such as Gmail, Google +, google translate, maps .the black menu will help us to configure a pop Menu on your browser bar and give one click access to your Favorite Google Services. you can directly View your Google Plus Notification bring up Map , Gmail ,even you can post to your Google plus Profile from Black Menu 
Download Black Menu

Google Hangouts

Do u use Google hangout often this Extension will make your Hangout Experience Easy and Simple .this literally one of the best way to Hangout on your Computer .you can view your hangouts ,Gmail chat and Google+ on Single is an Free extension all you need is a Gmail account this is good alternative for Facebook Messenger and Skype .

Download Hangouts Extension


Pocket is a Useful Extension that Similar to Bookmarks. You are browsing in the internet, you find some pages or videos that you are interested in, and you don’t have time to read the page so you want to read it later probably you will bookmark all the pages. Pocket help you to put all the pages that you want to read later in a single place with one click. The special thing about pocket is pocket app available for iOS and Android so you can view your pocket on any Devices and anywhere.

Download Pocket

The Camelizer

If you are an Online Shopper You Must, try this Extension. The Camelizer Chrome Extension will show Products Price history information on popular Websites like Amazon, Newegg, and Best buy. Apart from viewing trends for selected products, you can set email or twitter alerts for Price drop.

Download the Camelizer

Mighty Text

Mighty Text synchs your Android Mobile through an app .this chrome Extension help you to Send and Receive SMS and MMS from your Chrome Browser .Moreover syncing Messages users can view receive missed call alerts and low battery notification .and you can back up your messages for free .

Download Mighty Text

Hover Zoom

When you Hover over your Mouse to an thumbnail image Hover zoom will maximize the Image to Full Size So you can see Full Image without Opening the image .hover zoom will save your Time a lot web pages show thumbnail and you have to click and open them .if you use Reddit and feedly lot this is a must have Chrome Extension.

Download Hover Zoom

Stay Focused

This Google Chrome add on is an Lifesaving tool for people who waste their time surfing Internet Instead of Working .user can set time limits for Particular websites and Social Networks sites like Facebook, Twitter ,Google+ ,YouTube and etc. Once user reached their limit for the selected website Stayfocus will stop users from opening that website .this extension is easily configurable .you can create list of websites to block and increase your Productivity.

Download Stayfocused

If you are an Heavy Online Shopper then it is certainly for you .do u search every day for Coupon Codes and Discounts then Honey Chrome Extension is the tool you need .Honey Automatically Search and Test coupon codes for more than 100 online stores .in order to use honey just Go shopping as usual and on check out page click the Find Saving button and honey will track down coupon codes and Apply the matching coupon code for the selected product. Honey is the must use add on for regular online Shoppers

Download Honey

Gmail Offline

Probably most of chrome users know about this Add on. Gmail offline syncs your G mail inbox whenever you are online so it will allow you to view your Gmail inbox when you are offline .you can read emails even write emails and replies possible with Gmail offline.

Download Gmail Offline


Awesome New Tab Page

This Awesome New tab Page is really pretty awesome Add on .its interface almost look like Windows 8 metro UI Start Screen .this add on will replace chromes current new tab allow users to customize software Widgets, Apps and favorite page Links .with awesome New Tab page you can pin Netflix, ether report, Hulu, kindle cloud redder and more important Widgets you may like.

Download Awesome New tab page

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