Best Books to Learn programming Languages

Planning to learn programming languages with Books there is no Good Friend as book. The best way to learn programming languages is through matter what, learning how to program from the beginning, or more advanced Programming Books are the best option to Start. Here is the List of Best Books to Learn Programming languages

Design Patterns

This is a book of Design Patterns that explains simple and stylish solution to specific problems in object oriented Software Design. The book was written by Four Programmers, Design patterns is not an introduction to Application Design or Object oriented doesn’t have any Advanced tactics either. It offers 23 patterns that help designers to create more flexible, well-designed and reusable Designs.

Responsive Web Design Overview for Beginners

This book was written by Brett guide you to create responsive web design site and helps to maintain a responsive site. The book is easy to read it has instruction for website Developers of all levels. Romero explains all you need to know to start you on the way toward a more elegant user-friendly Website

Best Books to Learn programming Languages

Flex & Bison

Flex & Bison explains the same core functionality vital to Linux and Unix Program Development. This book guide users to build compilers and interpreters, and wide range of Text Process Functions, learn Key Programming techniques including abstract syntax trees and symbol tables.

Refactoring – Improving the Designs of Exciting Code

This is an Amazing Book it is useful not only for refactoring knowledge it also helps to improve programming and Design Knowledge. Refactoring is written with simple examples Java language is used for samples it may useful for C++ Developers. The book was written by 5 authors they provides a detailed catalog of more than seventy refactoring’s with helpful Pointers.

Best Books to Learn programming Languages -Refactoring – Improving the Designs of Exciting Code

Clean Code

The content of this book is awesome. Clean code is written by Robert C martin. Clean Code have three parts. The first defines the principles, patterns, and practices of writing clean code. The second part consists of several case studies of increasing complexity. The third part is the payoff: a single chapter containing a list of heuristics and “smells” gathered while creating the case studies.

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Code Complete

Steve McConnell is the author of Code Complete, it is an Classic book it offers updated and revised with leading edge practices and hundreds of new code samples illustrating the art and Science of Software Development. The Author explains the most effective techniques and must know Programming principles into clear, pragmatic matter what your Experience in programming this book will inform and stimulate your thinking and help you to build highest Quality code.

Best Books to Learn programming Languages - Code Complete

The Art of Unit Testing

The art of unit testing Guides you step by step for writing your first simple Unit Explains more complicated subjects like mocks and stubs. And you will learn about integration testing and techniques for testing with database. The example of this book use C# and also Peoples who Know Java or C++ can understand the examples.

Leading Lean Software Development

This book help you how to drive high value change throughout a software organization and make it shows you how to make lean work in real Projects, environments and Companies.

Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP

This book help Web Developers to create Web sites that rank well with the major search Engines, and help Search engine marketers how to use technology to their advantage.

Best Books to Learn programming Languages -Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

This book will teach you to make web pages more interactive and interfaces more intuitive through the use of inspiring Code Examples. You don’t need no Previous Programming Experience other than knowing how to create a basic HTML & CSS web site.

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