Best Android Games August 2014

Swing Copters

Did you remember flappy Bird of course you remember . flappy bird is one of the top hit Game developed by Dong Nguyen.Here comes his next game swing copters . Swing Copters was just as hard (if not harder) than Flappy Bird, but it has since been updated to be much more accessible.your goal is to guide yor player through gaps in girder that, for some reason, have hammers swinging through them. You can do this by tapping your screen to make the player switch directions before he careens wildly and crashes to the ground

swing copters

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is a well written hilarious game where players have to perform life-saving operations in this game Would-be Players (doctors) hold their tools with one finger, then tap at the target location with the other. At first it might just seem like there’s a lot of random flailing and blood everywhere, but every procedure has a process which you can review in your retro iZap PDA. There’s an unhealthy array of surgical tools to learn and master over the course of a lengthy single-player campaign. Surgeon Simulator is available on tablets running Android 4.0.0 and up. No ART support, unfortunately. All in all, Surgeon Simulator is a bloody good time.


The fluid gameplay and tron style sharp game visual are impressive and incredible .this is one of the fast as hell racing game where players steer around a stark tube avoid incoming obstacles as long as possible .the challegeng mode increase upto super hexgon level very quickly .you can try new challenges every day or you can go easy With Zen Mode



Players tap to the left and right of the screen to rotate two orbs, which stay the same distance from one another on a fixed axis while obstacles come flying down from above. Maneuver both orbs through the obstacles without popping either of them, or you’ll get sent back to the beginning of the stage.if you want to play intensive reaction game then duet is the game for you 


Alone is a fast and polished Endless Runner Game. The Gameplay of Alone is simple: drag up and down on a the screen to pilot an escape pod through a deadly gauntlet of galactic debris. You get two levels of shields that can soak up a bit of punishment. Play as long as possible for More and more difficulty Levels. The controls are razor-sharp. You drag behind the ship to push it up or down (the direction is inverted by default and feels great, but you can flip that in the options). The sensitivity for this game is really high, so you’re just rolling your thumb on the screen rather than swiping. This is perfect for playing on small screens, but scales up to tablets just as well.

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