Best Android Emulator Bluestacks vs Andy

BlueStacks has been the gold standard for running Android on PC for some time. now there is a new challenger called Andy (Andyroid). Judging these two applications based on five different things easy to use and gaming, productivity, Misc. features and overall. In BlueStacks setting things up was ridiculously easy. For download an app or game you go to the playstore you download the application install it and go. it’s super easy once you’re inside you can browse install various games and access them on the bar at the top when it comes to ease and use in setting things up BlueStacks is practically idiot proof.

Andy started out the same way downloading installing the applications was easy I did have a problem actually getting it to run but it was fixed thanks to Andy customer support.Andy does get some points back for having a good support staff they use Facebook as their support page and their people are generally pretty knowledgeable setting things up in BlueStacks simply doesn’t require any effort and it really is just that easy well.



the main reasons people Want Android on their computers is for gaming fortunately both these emulators support gameplay on Android in BlueStacks it appears as though the main focus is for gaming they don’t really recommend any normal applications and I assume the recommended games are ones that have been tested and worked well with BlueStacks. I tried some games and apps that not listd in the recommended gams and apps. However, they tend to run a little more awkward than the recommended ones Andy focuses on an overall experience so there aren’t as many features there for gamers.

Andy does play games and in some cases like clash of clans actually plays the game better than BlueStacks in terms of stability this is especially true for network-based games. Which seem to load a lot faster on Andy. Andy does have a remote option where you can use your device as a controller for better gaming support. if you so choose BlueStacks it does allow game controller support as well but it requires a wired controller .thanks to the fact that it Andy runs a newer version of Android the remote support and just general performance I think Andy is Better than Blustacks for Gamplay.


Some people wish to use Android on their computers for productivity reasons here BlueStacks does not feel completely but it does come close. It doesn’t seem to like to run regular Android applications as well as it does games and that’s really a disappointment. as you can see here there is excruciating about lag when simply typing things in Google Drive it doesn’t recommend any productivity app so you have to go out of your way to even find them really BlueStacks want to be a gaming emulator and this is an area where it shows that said there are a few productivity have to do work well. if you need for something very light like some word processing it could still work for that .Andy can run things like hang out as well as third-party launchers it can deliver real notifications and even use widgets it is worth mentioning the BlueStacks does run an older version of Android well Andy runs on a newer version that means in terms of things like app compatibility Andy will probably have more applications are usable than BlueStacks .

Miscellaneous features

BlueStacks is pretty much a what you see is what you get kind deal in a small way simplicity is elegance and that means that it Is not much guesswork that said you can sync BlueStacks with your Android devices to seek app data text in the like really wanted to you can also sync applications which is a fairly simple process. Overall, there are some things but not that many one other things I really liked personally was the ability to install third-party launchers since it runs pretty much like any other Android device. you can customize it pretty much like any other Android device. Therefore, between the custom launchers wallpapers widget Icon packs etc. you can turn Andy into a little window customization and make it truly yours. the last thing I want to mention here is the ability to change the specs on Andy it runs in the virtual machine which is actually customizable you can open up the virtual box that comes with Andy and give it some extra RAM change from the CPU cores it has in various other small things as well beware though this is advanced user stuff but you can totally go in there and get this bad boy gigabytes of RAM is serve. the one and actually improve the performance it also runs a higher version of android then BlueStacks and that means you’ll have a higher app compatibility as well as better app stability.

blustacks vs Andy


Picking which one is better really depends on your needs. if you really just need something super simple and play some late games and you really don’t need to do much else the BlueStacks is still probably your best Choice after all there is no advantage to having simplicity However if you’re willing to go to the slightly more complicated setup process than Andy is by far the more full-featured Android emulator its way better for customization and productivity and in some cases even better at gaming with the power user stuff available like root in adding resources Andy is simply a better option for more demo graphics

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