Apple Smartwatch Specification and Features

Apple Watch is a Wearable Smartwatch created by Apple. This smartwatch is integrated with iOS and other Apple Products. The watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and later perform many of its Function Apple watch relies on a connected iPhone.

Messages and Calling

Apple Watch allow users to send and receive messages by voice command or selecting from Preset Options. For calls Purpose the Watch comes with built in Speaker and microphone.

Apple Pay

Using Apples SmartWatch making Payments is Easy and Safe. You can buy coffee, Pizza, Groceries and more using your Wrist. Simple customization in Apple Pay lets you to shop at hundreds of thousands of Locations in United States.

Apple Smartwatch Specification and Features

Wi-Fi and GPS

Apple Watch uses the Wi-Fi and GPS in your iPhone to measure the distance you travel. You can measure the Distance you travel during the day or during workouts that can’t be measured in steps, like cycling.


Apple’s Personal Assistant Siri is Available on Apple Watch. You can Activate Siri By saying “hey Siri” or holding down the winder (winder is called Crown in Apple watch) located on the side of the Watch. You can use Siri to Send Messages, get movie times, Post on Social Networks and Etc.

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Apple Watch has three different Collections features 2 case Sizes. The case includes Options to Enable Straps to be interchanged. On the side of the watch it has a Dial called Digital Crown (Winder), the digital Crown is used to Scroll or Zoom Screen, Return to Home Screen When Pressed. 

Apple Smartwatch Specification and Features


Apple Smatwatch is entirely different way to Experience your Applications. A time saving Feature called glances condenses the most relevant information from each app into a form you can easily scan on the fly. The Smatwatch uses “Taptic Engine” for App notification and Alerts. When you get new Notification it will vibrate or tap you on the Wrist.


To perform most of its Functions Apple Smartwatch needs an iPhone nearby. However some features may work without iPhone. For Full functionality you need Apple iPhone 5 and later models.

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