Andy Android Emulator for PC and Mac

Andyroid simply called Andy is an Android emulator similar to BlueStacks.I have been using BlueStacks for about a year now And i was felt that it was outdated you know what I mean if you have ever used BlueStacks. Andy works on Macs BlueStacks did not work on a Mac computer Andy does. Also it runs on a newer Android operating system it is more up to date and they make a promise for you keep updating it for any new software that comes out stuff like that. Unlike BlueStacks it has more of a device feel to it. You do not have to download the Play Store. When you Search for an app in Playstore at the bottom of the interface there is a Search bar you can search the apps right from there. It will you right into Playstore by one click of a button. If you are, having problems on running in BlueStacks Andy will work better for you so go ahead and try it and let me know what you think about Andy.

There is a little internet icon at the bottom of the Andy interface. By clicking on it, you can go ahead and browse the internet. Andy has a lot of settings for you to customize throughout the User Interface it’s got basically everything a tablet would come with .and on the best part about it is it has no memory limits. Andy does,t have limit on memory Storage for your apps So You can Download as many apps as you want. You don’t have to worry about running out of memory. also Andy has a Great option you can use your tablet or phone as a controller for your games you can Sit back and use your device as a controller .And Andy has one more important thing with Andy you can Sync all your apps and games from your Android mobile to Your Personal Computer or mac . 

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It is just an all-around better option its new it is really simple to set it all up give it a try if you’re an BlueStacks user.

Download Andy Emulator from the official website

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