Android Lollipop New Features, Tips, and Tricks

The Most Famous Android new operating System Android Lollipop 5.0 was released last year. Lollipop has some Awesome Features that other Android Versions doesn’t .I am going to share some useful Features, tips ,tricks for Android Lollipop.

Notification for Data Usage

If you have Limited Data Plan this handy Feature will help you to Monitor Your Data Usage and prevent you from using overuse of limited data. Open Quick Settings by using the two fingered downward swipe and tap on your phone signal symbol. A new screen appear displaying the amount of mobile data you used .tap on the More Settings and now you can set specific data limit you are allowed to use you can also set usage warning for specific data limit for example if you have 5GB of data a month, you can set the warning at 4GB and the maximum limit at 5GB. Once you reach your maximum limit of 5GB of data usage, your phone will turn off all statistics.

Create user profiles

Android Lollipop allow You to create custom and guest profiles .to do that swipe down on your notification bar and tap the profile icon in the top right corner to view the available user profiles .if you never used this before .you might see your Google Profile and the option for guest log in and create new Profile .Logging in as a Guest is a quick way to share your device with limited options .if you borrow a phone from your friend or you lend your Phone to someone .you friend can use the phone in guest profile with minimal options .

Settings Search bar

Android Settings now has its own Search bar. You might think this is not very important Feature .believe me its great time saver when you don’t know what exactly you want to do in the settings. For instance you want to change your network settings and you don’t know where it’s located in settings. to find it open the settings search bar search “network” in no time you will find what you wanted its quick and simple isn’t.

Lollipop Settings Search bar

New Notification Bar

Android Lollipop has new Notification bar to access this simply swipe down once from the top of your screen to look at your notifications and swipe down one more Time to access the quick settings .if swipe down with your two fingers it will be easier. From quick settings you can access all the usual and familiar android features.


Android Lollipop has its own flash light button .the flashlight button will be available in your notification screen. This feature has been available on Windows Phone and iOS phones now android also has support for Flashlight. With a one touch you can use your LED flash as a torch .before that android users used downloaded apps to do that .now it’s easy for users to use flashlight without any third party apps .

Android Flashlight

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