9 Important Google Features Every google User Should know

Do u want to Know what Google know about you? How to download the data that you uploaded to your Google Account? How many times you Googled? Did Google Know about the places you Visit. If you have this sort of questions this post will help to find answer. Here are 9 important google features every Google user should know. They’re hidden deep inside of your google Account, you may know some interesting details about you.

New Google Account using existing Email Address

You can create a new Gmail account using the same address you have. Gmail regular sign up method uses your gmail.com address as your Gmail mail id and google account username .with a special sign up process you can create a new Gmail account for the same Gmail id you own. Gmail Sign up without Gmail id

Google Features

Google can guess your Age and Interests

Google can guess your age, gender, interests, and language based on your google search and the sites you visit. Google use these details to serve you ads relevant to your interests. Use this link to see what Google think about you . Google Search History

Google records every search words that you ever used on Google search. This may seem funny but believe me Google keeps a log of every google ad that you have clicked on websites. If you ever used google audio search you can view them also. Google Search history

How to Export All of your Google Data

You can download your google account Data from google. your Gmail Emails, photos, contacts, and YouTube videos are available to Download.to Get your Data from google go to Google Takeout Page and Download .

View your location History on Google Maps

You can view your current location on your android Device if you are moving it will show you how fast you are moving. And you can view your entire location History on your Google Maps Website. You can export your location history and view it later on Google Earth or google Drive. Google Maps locations history.

Prevent Your Google Account from Termination

As per Google program policies you must log in to your Gmail account at least once every 9 months otherwise Google will terminate your account. If you own multiple accounts this can be a problem. To prevent this set your primary G mail account as your email recovery for your secondary accounts .so Google will send you reminders frequently to log in to your other Email. View inactive Accounts.

Google Account Activity

You can view every Devices that used to log into your Account. The activity reports show I.P.Address and their Geographic location, the geographic location won’t be exact location. View Google Activity log

Regain Hacked Google Apps Account

This trick is for Google Apps users, if your google account get hacked you can rest your Account Admin password. You need to verify your domain name by creating a Cname record in your DNS.to reset your account password go to this link https://admin.google.com/yourdomain.com/VerifyAdminAccountPasswordReset

Note: replace “yourdomain” with your own domain name

Google DMCA complaint

If your content is used without your Permission on another google product websites like Youtube, Google+, Bloggers etc. you can raise a DMCA complaint against that website. Your complaint will force the user to remove that content .it also remove websites from Google Search Results. DMCA Complaint Page .

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