9 Cool Evernote Tips and Tricks to improve your Productivity

Evernote is Used to Organize everything in Life.it is the Perfect Application to capture ideas, Create Reminders, To Dos, web Clippings and more. The more you add thing to Evernote the More it become useful. Here some of the Best Tips and tricks for Evernote.

Turn Email into Reminders

You probably know how to archive emails in Evernote. with the same workflow you can create reminders from your E mail Service.to create an Reminder with email, forward an Email or compose a new Email and in the mail subject add an exclamation symbol and date for when you would like to reminded. Then send it to your Evernote Email Address.

For Example:

Subject: Learn Playmaker !tomorrow

Subject: Call Tania !2015-02-10

Edit Attachments Live

Email Attachments are Read only we can’t edit them. But Evernote supports Live Updates and it is more useful than saving Attachments in email. If you attached a PDF or Word file to a note you can edit and save the PDF by Opening the Attachment.

9 Cool Evernote Tips and Tricks to improve your Productivity

Evernote Advanced Search

You can use Evernote Search operators to find the exact information you are searching for. Search operators is a Simple terms which is evaluated to find a match in notebook. some of the Search operators Examples:

Use ” created :day-5 ” to view notes created in the last 5 days.

Use ” resource:audio/* ” to find notes with Audio attachments

Use ” source:mobile.android “ to view notes that were Created from a Android Device.

Evernote Nested Tags

You probably use tags to group notes in Evernote however did you know you can also use Nested tags. Nested tags is like Gmail’s Label Feature.in Evernote Open the Tags list and drop a tag over another tag to create a sub tag. Now tags list will look neat and you don’t have to create separate notebooks for everything.

Search Text inside images

Evernote allow you to search for texts inside images for Example you can take a snap of movie poster and send the photo to your Evernote. The next time you search for the movie name or actor name Evernote will show all the poster related to the Movie or actor name.

Shortcuts for Notes

If you want to open a Note you need to Open Evernote first and search for the note to open.in mac you can open a note with one Click with Shortcuts you need to use Apple Script to create Shortcuts for notes. Create shortcuts for notes that you often use and place them in Desktop or anywhere you want. Edit and save the below text as .scpt file. Run it to quickly open the equivalent Note. 

tell application id “com.evernote.Evernote”
               — Replace NotebookName with your Evernote Notebook
               set notebookName to “NotebookName
               — Replace NoteTitle with the title of your note
               set matchingNotes to find notes (“intitle:NoteTitle“)
               set matchingNote to item 1 of matchingNotes
               open note window with matchingNote
end tell

Local Notebook 

If you create a Note on your Android Device it will Sync with your Computer and other Devices. If you want to create notes that only available on your Android Phone and don’t sync with your Computer. You need to Create a Local Notebook, Files and Notes placed inside local Notebook will not sync to Your Computer and other Devices. If you create a Local notebook you can’t Change it into Synchronized Notebook.

Watch Folder

If you use Evernote to save PDF Files, Cooking Recipes, office Documents, Flight Tickets, Receipts and other Documents that may need often. You don’t have to import those Documents manually just crate a “Watch” folder on your PC and drop any files inside the watch folder it will automatically Show up in Evernote.

Protect Sensitive information’s with Password

You might save your sensitive information’s like Bank account Password, Debit card number on Evernote Notes. You can select a Text inside notes and Add passwords to protect it. In case someone hacked your Evernote Account they can’t access the Password Protected text.

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