8 Must have Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Rooting Your Android Device is the First Step towards Customizing your Android Device for optimum Use. Once you Rooted your Phone you can able to Use Certain Apps, Boost Battery life and Make your Phone Run Faster than before. Try these 8 Apps to get the Most out of Your Rooted Android Phone.

Full Screen

Full Screen Is an application to remove the soft keys replace them with something else.You can choose from a pie menu to corner buttons and a whole lot more it’s a fun alternative to the standard soft keys.


Auto hides your Soft keys in other applications. You can hide your Soft keys somewhere If you don’t want them to be seen. The mechanics are slightly different from Full Screen but the idea is pretty much the same and it’s another option for those who want to Hide their soft Keys.

8 Must have Apps for Rooted Android Phones


Goo Manages is the mobile application for the Goo.im website there you can find all sources stuff like recovery to download and install Roms, GApps in a whole lot more it’s had its ups and downs, but it’s generally pretty solid

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this application analyzes Your Phone and Check What Apps run when and how frequently. You can shut down applications which Suck your Battery so they don’t eat up your precious battery life. it’s considered a must-have App for root users.

8 Must have Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Quick Boot

Quick boot application is absurdly simple but insanely useful it allows you to be directly into recovery bootloader mode or download mode it’s a must-have for pretty much all root users.

Rom Tool Box

Rom tool box is a sort of all in one option that allows the installer recoveries managing applications and there’s even a built-in Root Enabled file browser just be careful when using it because some options are For advanced users only. And it can mess your Android Device a little bit.

Root explorer

Root explorer is a Bluetooth-enabled file browser it’s a solid option with a good set of features and you can even use it to change file permissions. The interface is simple to use even if it’s a bit old.


Tasker is a very powerful application that gives you the power to do pretty much anything you want to do With your device. it has a steep learning curve with the possibilities are virtually limitless all Root Users should definitely try it out this App.

8 Must have Apps for Rooted Android Phones


This simple application can do a range of things such as download and install various recoveries. Schedule Rom’s and others have to be flashed and a whole lot more it’s a great tool for root users.

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