7 Useful Android Tips And Tricks

1. Android User Profile

If you are Sharing Your Android Mobile or Tablet with your Family members, you can create a Separate Profile for each Person. They can save Their Favorite Apps and Settings .you can enable this feature on Android 4.2 and Above .To Setup a New Android User Profile Open Settings Menu and Choose “User” then Tap on “Add User” or “Profile” then follow the on Screen instructions to add a new Account. You can grant access to your Personal Contents if you want.

7 Useful Android Tips And Tricks

2. Use Android Mobile as Pen Drive
If you don’t have a Pen Drive you can use your Android Phone as a USB Pendrive. Connect your Mobile to computer using USB cable. Now your phone will ask if you want enable the phone as a USB storage device. Choose yes and your Computer will show your device as Pendrive .

3. Android Speed Dial

If you have large list of Contacts it might take some extra time to make a call .if you add a Speed dial button on your Home Screen you can make a call in just one tap. to add a contact to Android home Screen on your home Screen Press and hold until a Menu pop up from there select shortcuts > Contact and Choose the contact you want to Add.

 Android Speed Dial

4. Android Owner Info

There is a Chance you might lose your Phone Somehow .if you are lucky the Person Who finds your Phone Wants to return it to you. However, how she/he Know who is the Owner of the Phone. You can Put your Name, Alternate Phone number, and Email Address on your lock Screen so that the person will know it belongs to you .and they can’t access to any of your other Contents on your Phone. To add your Details to lock Screen Open Settings Menu on your Mobile and Choose Security > Screen Security > Owner Info then Add your Information’s.

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Android Owner Info

5. Stop Preload to save Data

Google Chrome Preload Feature is Very useful but when our Data plan is limited, we can easily get pass our Data limit. you can set Chrome to preload when its Connected to Wi-Fi .Open Settings Menu on Google Chrome.in settings select Bandwidth management from there uncheck the box near preload webpages to prevent them From loading on their Own.

6. Add Words to Dictionary

If any of you find it hard to type your Friends Name or if you use a Specific name Often you can add them to Phone’s Dictionary so you don’t have to type the Full word Every Time. Type the Word you want to Add to Dictionary and Press and Hold on that Word to add it to your Dictionary. So next time you type the words starting letters your Phone Suggest the Word.

Add Words to Dictionary

7. Monitor Data Usage
If you have Limited Data Plan, this handy Feature will help you to Monitor Your Data Usage and prevent you from using overuse of limited data. However this Feature only Available on Android lollipop Devices. Open Quick Settings by using the two fingered downward swipe and tap on your phone signal symbol. A new screen appear displaying the amount of mobile data you used .tap on the More Settings and now you can set specific data limit you are allowed to use you can also set usage warning for specific data limit for example if you have 5GB of data a month, you can set the warning at 4GB and the maximum limit at 5GB. Once you reach your maximum limit of 5GB of data usage, your phone will turn off all statistics.

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