63 Android Game Review

63 game is Developed and Published by Silver Manor Apps. It is a Fun to play casual game suited for everyone. The gameplay is Simple and it is Easy to learn. This not a Hardcore Game like Phases and Box jump anyone can play and Master it.

The gameplay is simple and Easy to Learn, when you start the game Different Color Circles will appear on the Screen the Player have to Tap on Every Circles Expect the One Color Circle that Appears at the Beginning of the game.

To win a game the player have to Tap and Clear every circles Expect the Specific Color family Circles.as you play more Circles will randomly show up on the Screen. If you tap on a Circle that you were not supposed to touch the Game will over and if the Screen Filled full of Circles Game Over for you.

63 fun to Play Android game

63 is fun to play, and little bit Addictive. Playing 63 is a Good Exercise for brain. However the game offers only one type of game mode if the developers add more game modes it will make the game more interesting. I think they should add a good Background music currently it doesn’t have any background Music.

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63 has a Cool graphics Interface.it has Two type of Color themes one is Day and other is Night, Day theme Works Good for me.63 features Simple Graphics so it Doesn’t lag at all and the gameplay is Smooth.it also works Good with Tablets without losing any Graphics Quality. The Developers says they will add more Game modes Once the Game Reach maximum Downloads.

My Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Download 63 From Google Play.

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