5 Tips to Extend your iPhone Battery Life

When it comes to the Battery Life iPhone 6 has some improvements from the iPhone 5S. Per Charge iPhone 6 remains 10 to 11 hours for Wi-Fi and Videos use. However when Browsing the Web via 3G you will get only 10 hours of battery Life.

Apple Claims that iPhone 6 Plus will remain 12 hours per Charge, However if you use iPhone heavily you must know at best your Phone won’t stand more than 8 hours per one Charge. Luckily with some Tweaks you can save a few minutes or an hour of your battery life. Here is some of the Tips to save your iPhone battery Life.

Disable Background App Refresh

This Feature introduced in iOS 7, some iPhone Apps refresh automatically in the Background whether you are using your Phone or not. This will Consume lot of Power, and your Apps will Update Automatically without knowing whether the Update is Important or not.

5 Tips to Extend your iPhone Battery Life

Specifically Facebook App Background refreshing, Consume more Power and Drain your Battery Fast.so if you don’t use Facebook often you can turn off App Refresh for Facebook.

Disable Automatic Raise to Speak in Siri

In iOS 7 and later version you can set Siri to Activate Whenever your phone is raised near your face. The problem is iPhone will regularly scan with its Sensor to figure out whether the Phone is near your Face or it is not. This will Burn up battery life.so to Save Battery Life just Go to Siri Settings, Choose General Settings and Disable Raise to Speak.

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5 Tips to Extend your iPhone Battery Life

Turn Off App Suggestions

Suggested Apps feature is introduced in iOS 8, it will use your location information to know where you are and what kind of Apps installed on your Phone. Based on these information’s you will get new App Suggestions. This might useful but it uses Extra battery life for Checking your Location and communicating with App Store.

You can turn of Suggested Apps Go to iPhone Settings, and tap on General Settings then Choose Handoff & Suggested Apps, Now turn off my Apps and App store

5 Tips to Extend your iPhone Battery Life

Switch off Location Tracking Apps

Some of the iPhone Apps like Google maps, Apple maps, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ask for Permission to Access your Location data. If you give Permission to Track your location. The tracking process will burn your Battery faster. So if you want to save your Battery Life go to the individual apps Settings and turn off location tracking.

5 Tips to Extend your iPhone Battery Life
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Reduce Screen Brightness

This is an old Trick and most of you may know this. Turning down the Brightness is The First thing you have to Do When you have Leaky battery.by Default I Phone brightness is set to Auto – Brightness. And auto brightness can take some of your Battery Power. Switch this settings to manual and turn Down the Brightness to a Comfortable level for your Eyes.

5 Tips to Extend your iPhone Battery Life

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