5 Important New Features of OS X El Capitan

Apple announced their next Operating System OSX El Capitan at WWDC 2015. Like OS X Yosemite, The new Orating system El Capitan also available as a free upgrade. Users can get El Capitan public beta in July, Apple also revealed some new features of El Capitan. Here is the Top 5 new Features of OS X El Capitan


Spotlight feature is much a needed feature in OS X, when you launch Spotlight in OS X Yosemite it will appear at front and center, so it will hide any other Program that already running.

5 Important New Features of OS X El Capitan
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Usually the middle of the display is where people work, when you search for something in Spotlight obviously you don’t want to cover your work. With OS X El Capitan you can move Spotlight wherever you want, you can also resize it.

Tabs for Mail

While we are in the middle of writing an Email, and go off to look something in web, the browser will cover the message. When we return to mail the main Mail window will Show up, but the message window that we written is still hidden behind other windows.

In OS X El Capitan the mail App will have Tabs, just like Safari and other Apps. So in El Capitan all of your email windows can be held in tab bar. It will become easy for you to access Mails you are working on 

5 Important New Features of OS X El Capitan
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Add Events to Calendar 

Did you receive invites for any events in Mail? If your friends and Colleagues inviting you to get together or Team outing for the weekend. Based on the information in your mail El Capitan will automatically Offer you to create an Event in calendar.

This Feature is Already Exist in Pervious OS X Versions, in Previous Version we can manually add events to calendar in El Capitan it will automatically do it for us. I think this will be useful because sometime we fail to notice Event information’s in mails.

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Notes Attachment

You probably know that Notes allow you to attach images to your notes. But flipping notes one by one to find a Specific image is not a good idea. With El Capitan you can find notes based on what was attached to the notes. By adding an Attachment browser to the notes El Capitan will make it easy to find notes that has attached images.

OS X Photos

At WWDC Apple announced that they are going to Allow Developers to Write Extensions for Photos App. It make Photos to Support a wide range of Extensions and new capabilities.

If you used to Edit images in Photoshop and you like Photos App and Want Edit PSD files in it. You may soon able to do that if a developer creates an Extension to Import PSD files to Photos.

Apple just announced it to developers, so third party Extension for Photos won’t be showing up for a while, however when we have Extensions for Photos App it will beyond imagination.

5 Important New Features of OS X El Capitan
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If you want to Sign Up for El Capitan Public Beta Go to the below Link and Sign Up

[Apple Beta Software Program]

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