5 Google Chrome Games You Should Try

If you ask me, what is Google Chrome I would Say Chrome is more than a Browser .Google Chrome Offers lot of Features that make my browsing Easy and Fast. That why Google Stands out in the Crowd of Web browsers. (I like Firefox too) Chrome Web store has more than million Extension’s and apps. I always try new extensions and games .Google chrome have access to thousands of Best Web Based Games in one Place .Most of the games are free to play games .you can play Famous iOS and Android Games like Angry birds, plants vs Zombies etc.

I have created a list of my top ten games from the Chrome Web Store. Before you start installing these games, make sure you are running the latest version of Chrome.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is Sequel to the hit Game Kingdom Rush .the most addictive Defense Game is back. This is Bigger and better than the Kingdom Rush. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a whole new level of Charming Gameplay. Frontiers have one awesome feature that we can have a Hero character in the Middle of battle .we can command him to help and protect the towers .frontiers have Eight new specialized tower upgrades!.Install Kingdom Rush Frontiers from this web store LINK

Kingdom Rush

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

This Arcade and Action game is really fast and Fun. Fancy Pants Adventure is Plat former Running Game you control a player who is wearing fancy pants running and sliding through the Stage to complete the level. The Game play is so addictive if you started to play this game you could never stop .the game is also available in X-box live. The game is Nice Fancy hero. Beautiful pants. Beautiful background. Totally a very nice game. Download the Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 from chrome webstore

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

Free Rider

Do u ever Heard of a Game called canvas Rider The Game Was created as An experiment to render Free Rider tracks in HTML5.and now they have more than 1.5 Million tracks .Free Rider is the sequel to canvas Rider. it is an plat former game the player will Ride the World in a bike .you can build Your own tracks to make it interesting .you can upload your tracks for other to try your Tracks .the game has No Color . the game Background and the character everything is in Black and White trust me after you started to play this game you don’t look for colors .Free Rider have more than thousand Tracks to try some tracks can be finished in 30 seconds and some tracks take 30 minutes to complete.Install Free Rider From Web Store

This is one of Best and my Favorite Tower Defense Game that I Ever Played. If you do not know kingdom Rush is a famous web Based game available at Armor Games website. The Browser Version of this game have some new updates and features .the game play is simple You have to Defend Your Kingdom from orcs, trolls ,Wizards other nasty Creatures .and the player has 4 different types for Towers Arsenal, Archers ,Mages, and Dwarves the game was Created by Iron hide Studios and it has a Sequel too. You can install Kingdom Rush from this LINK

Kingdom Rush

Goodgame Empire

More than 12 million Players are playing Goodgame Empire .this is an Strategy role playing Game .in this Epic game you have to Build Your Empire Expand and Defend it Against other Empire’s .This game is Brilliant and Addictive .Goodgame Empire is Similar to Age of Empires .you can connect with your friend and make alliances with you Friend to Build a Strong Empire but Beware if you Started to Play it Will Steal most of your Time. Install Goodgame Empire From Webstore LINK 

Goodgame Epire

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