5 Google Chrome Features You may dont Know

Google Chrome is one of the most Popular and Fastest Browser .Every users love its speed and Simple Clean User interface. Google Chrome has some of the Cool Features that we don’t Know. Here is the list of five Hidden Features of google Chrome.

1. There are many ways to save and organize bookmarks. The Easiest way to Create a URL shortcut or Bookmark.to create a Bookmark Open any Website and highlight the URL in the Omnibox (Chrome Address bar) now drag and Drop the URL in the Chrome Bookmark bar. To create a Shortcut for an Website Highlight the Website URL from Omnibox click and drag it to the desktop.

5 Google Chrome Features

2. Chrome has Shortcut for Deleting Browsing history. Press Control + Shift + Delete (Mac Shift +Cmd+ Delete) and clear browsing History tab will open from there you can choose your setting and clear browsing Data.

3. On the left side of the Omnibox a small lock icon or a folded paper icon will be there. Just click on that icon, a small window will open. From there you can view that websites information’s and permissions related to that site. Also you can remove and block cookies, you can change Permissions for Showing Images, JavaScript, Plugins, Media etc.

Omnibox a small lock icon Google Chrome

4. Sometimes you might accidently close a tab, everyone do that mistake luckily Google chrome has undo option for this kind of situation. If you mistakenly closed a tab just press Control + Shift + T (mac Cmd + Shift + T) it will Open Recently closed tab.

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5.if you use any websites often you can set that site to Open when the Browser Opened .the website will open Every time you Start up chrome .Open Settings page by typing “chrome://settings/” on your omnibox now find “on startup” section and select the open specific page or set pages .next to that option you can see a link named “set pages” .click on it and enter the sites URL that you want to Open When Chrome Start up .

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