5 Facebook Tips and Tricks you Need to Know

Facebook is a Great platform for making Connection with Peoples. Facebook has the largest number of users among other Social networks. Facebook popularity made it one of the first website People check every day maybe multiple times a days. As it growing use these simple 5 Tips and Tricks to improve your Facebook experience.

1. Check your privacy Settings

Facebook introduced a Privacy Checkup Feature, you can use Privacy Check up to review and change your privacy settings to make sure that you are sharing updates with who you want to share.

To use this feature

Click on the lock icon at the top of any Facebook page

From there you can change your Privacy Settings.

5 Facebook Tips and Tricks you Need to Know

2. Facebook Graph Search

Facebook graph Search is a search Engine it is used to find specific information inside the whole Facebook. You can use graph search for simple searches to very specific Searches. For example you can search for simple phrases like “my Photos” and specific Searches like “my friends who live in united Kingdom”.

3. Nearby Friends

Nearby friends is a feature for Smartphone Users it will use your GPS location to notify you when you friends enter the area that you are in.so you can get in touch with them. For instance if you go to a Movie or Sports Events Facebook nearby Friends will notify you if your friends are nearby so you and your friend can see the event together. This is an Optional Feature so you can Decide Who can see if you are nearby you can create specific list and you can turn on and off the lists at any time.

Facebook Nearby Friends

4. Facebook Video Calling

In Facebook You can make Video calls on a Computer and supported mobile Devices and tablets.it lets you to make video calls on Facebook without downloading any third party software’s or plugins. You can make video calls in Bowsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera.to make a Video call in a chat window click on the video icon and now you and your friend will able to video Chat. Remember you both need webcam to Video chat.

5. Upload GIF Images

Facebook dont allow users to post Gif animations. But Popular Gif search engine giphy has found a way to post GIF Animation on Facebook.

Follow these steps to post GIF animation in Facebook.

Go to Giphy.com

Copy any Gif image URL

Visit Facebook and paste the URL in the status box and hit Post button.

Facebook will auto generate the image with play button. The Gif image will look like a Video.

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