5 Essential Tips and Tricks for Google Maps 2015

Google Updated its Google map App on Android and iOS. in the new updated Version google replaced the Old Clunky interface with Flatter interface and the interface looks more modern.

After the Updates Some Google maps Features are hidden inside the Menu buttons and Swipeable drawers. Once you get the Hang of Google maps you can do some awesome things with it.

Here is some of the Essential Tips and tricks to the New Google Maps app for Android and iOS.

Swipe Up to See More

When you Search for an Address google map will show the map results and a small window pane will pop up at the bottom of the Search Result. The window Only Show Street Address and a route button.

You might wonder where is the Street View Option and the rest of the Details. On the Address Overlay Swipe Up, this will reveal the place Ratings (if that place is a Café, theatre, or any type of retail venue) Street View, Photos, Opening hours and more.

5 Essential Tips and Tricks for Google Maps 2015

If you want to see local traffic route or Switch to Satellite view, tap the three line menu located at the left side of the Search box. A new Windows will Open from there you can Change to Satellite View, change the map Style, Access Google map Settings, if you use more than one Account you can Switch to Different Account, and a list of Your Places.

3D Style map View

Now you can view maps in 3D, while viewing a 2D map, tap and hold with two fingers and Swipe Up. Or Tap the 3D view icon at the bottom of right side.

And the entire map will tilt and show Some Depths to your map. The 3D view will look good in urban areas.

5 Essential Tips and Tricks for Google Maps 2015

Type or Say Google map Commands  

In the Search box tap on the microphone icon and say “directions to Venice beach” Doing this will instantly Show Direction to the Venice beach.

You can Also Say “find the nearest Restaurant” or “nearest ATM”, “where is wall Street” or what is the best cafe in the neighborhood. If you feel awkward saying the comments in public you can simply Type those commands in Search Box.

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View Google Maps in Full Screen

You can Clear the Search box and all the overlay distractions and gaze your map in full screen.to view a map in full screen, just tap once on the Screen to clear the details pane and tap one more time to hide the Search box and other buttons.

Note: Google maps Full Screen view is available only on iOS version of the GMaps.

To get back the Search box and other buttons, Tap the Screen and everything will slide back into place. 

Google maps Offline View 

You can Save a map of Los Angeles or San Francisco on your Android or iPhone and view it offline at any time. Saving a map for Offline use is Easy, just a few taps. You can save a detailed map of Whole City or a small neighborhood.

The offline Feature is very useful, it have a detailed Street view. However you can’t Search the Saved map or get Directions.it will be come in handy when you are travelling and don’t have an international cellular Plan or internet.

Many google map users are familiar With Offline maps but the Process of Saving a Map to Offline View has changed.

Search for a place or City then tap the three dot menu icon located at the left side of search box. Choose “Your Places ” a new window will Open, under offline maps Tap on “Save map for Offline use” Google maps will bring you back to the maps and prompt you “Save this map?” tap “Save”, give a name for your offline map and hit save in few Seconds your place will saved to offline maps.

5 Essential Tips and Tricks for Google Maps 2015

To view your Offline maps, tap the three line menu icon, tap “your Places” and the saved maps will be there under offline maps section.

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