5 cool things to try with Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google,s android Lollipop 5.0 is the newest version of android operating system Here are 10 fun features you’ll definitely want to explore

Here are 10 cool features to try with Android Lollipop .there is plenty of new stuff  to see on your smart phone or tablet

1. Check out the revamped Face Lock feature. 

To set it up, Go into your phone or tablet’s system settings and tap “Security.” now go to “Smart Lock” and tap “Trusted Face”Follow the prompts to train the system to recognize your face, then press the power button and check how it works.With Lollipop, the system starts working to identify your face the second the screen is activated. More often than not, by the time you swipe away the clock, it’ll already have you recognized and ready to get through without the need for further security.

2. Interact with a notification on the lock screen

Lollipop brings a  new Improvement to the Android lock screen, and your personal notifications are the main attraction. When you press your device’s power button and see a notification waiting, try swiping it horizontally in either direction to dismiss it. You can also tap on it twice to open it or swipe downwards on it to expand it and gain access to any quick commands available

3. Customize how app notifications behave

 Lollipop lets you customize notifications on an app-by-app basis so that any app’s alerts can be considered “high priority” all the time. If you set an app to be high priority, you’re effectively whitelisting it: Any notifications generated by that app will always alert you, even if your device is in priority-only mode. The app’s notifications will also always appear at the top of your notification panel, above any others.Android 5,0 Lollipop App Notifications

All you have to do is head into your system settings, select “Sound & notifications” and then select “App notifications.” Tap any app you want to customize, then toggle the switch for “Priority” to whitelist it.

4. Prepare your phone for guest access

If you ever lend your phone or tablet  to a friend, Android Lollipop’s new guest mode is well worth exploring. with out  losing your privacy.

To see how it works, open up your device’s Quick Settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen and then swiping down a second time. Tap the circular avatar at the far right corner, then tap “Guest.”When you’re ready to switch back to your own account, do that same thing but tap your name instead of “Guest.” If you have a security pattern, PIN, or password set, you’ll be prompted to enter it before proceeding.

5. Pin something to your device’s screen

 Go into the main system settings, select “Security,” scroll down to “Screen Pinning,” and set it to “On.”

Then take it for a test run: Tap the Recent Apps key (the square to the right of the Home key) and scroll upward. You’ll see a pushpin icon on the most recent app or process you’ve had open. Tap it and then confirm that you want to pin that process.

Android 5,0 Lollipop Pinning
Your device is now locked to that one process — so if you hand it off to anyone, it’s the only thing they’ll be able to use. No returning to the home screen, no seeing notifications, no opening up anything else on the device.To exit the pinned mode, press the Back and Recent Apps (apparently also now known as “Overview”) buttons at the same time. If you have a PIN, pattern, or password set — which you should if you want this feature to have much meaning — you’ll need to enter it in order to return the device to its normal state.

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