5 Best New Features of Android M

Google released Android M Developer Preview at Google I/O on May 28, 2015. With this new version of Android google give some much needed usability and stability improvements to the Android OS.

Android M App Permissions

Google made some improvements in App Permissions, in Android M Users can choose to Accept and Deny individual App Permissions as they want. And also Permission has been simplified.

Android M does not ask for you to Agree to App Permission while installing an App. Permission will be asked while using the Apps feature for First time. For example if you installed WhatsApp on Android M and you want to record a Message, WhatsApp will ask your Permission to use your Device mic.

5 Best New Features of Android M

Fingerprint Scan

Phones Running Android M will have Standardize Support for fingerprint scanners. This new feature allow users to unlock their Phones, and make App Purchases in Google Playstore. You can also use it in real life Purchases.

In order to use finger Print Scanners, your Phone must have a hardware finger print Scanner. Most Phone does not have finger print Scanners we have to wait to see more devices in the future.

5 Best New Features of Android M

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Android Pay

Google’s mobile payment System Android Pay is included in Android M. Android Pay is designed to make Check out Process Faster and easier. With Android Pay you can use your Credit Cards to Pay for Services and Products in more than 500,000 stores in the United States.

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Power and Charging

Android M has a New Feature Called Doze which will improve your Phone’s Standby Time. Android M Will use motion detectors to recognize when Phone not used, such as when the device has been left on table or when you are asleep. So that it can reduce background Processes to save Battery Power.

Android M supports for USB type-C so users can charge their Phone with others Phone, Seems Pretty cool to me.

5 Best New Features of Android M

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Auto Backup and Restore

Android M allow users to Auto backup and Restore their Apps. This feature Use Google Drive to save the Backup Data. And also this Feature save Backup data and Settings that are below 25mb.

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By default this feature will only run no more than once per day, and take backups if the device is idle and connected to a Wi-Fi network. The good thing is your Backup data does not count as your google Drive quota, it is also encrypted so you can view it your google drive folder.

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