5 Best Hidden Features in Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows 8 has plenty of new Features and tricks. Some of the features like File History might be life saver for you some times. Windows 8 has two Parts, the Desktop of Windows 8 looks and feel like windows 7 and the Start page is Totally Different from Windows 7.

File History

Windows 8 New Feature File History, which works the same way to Mac’s Time machine technology, File History will Automatically backup Every Version of your Files in the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Desktop folders and the One Drive files (if available in offline).if your Original files are loss or Deleted you can restore the file to Older Version. This feature is not enabled by Default, you Need to have a Second Hard Drive whether external or Internal or Cloud Storage. To Configure a Hard Drive for File History View Microsoft Official Tutorial .Once the set is completed it will Automatically Backup your Files.

5 Best Hidden Features in Windows 8 and 8.1

Important Shortcuts

Most windows users Use Snipping tool to take Screenshots but there is easier way to take Screenshots in Windows 8.Press Window Key and PrintScreen at the same time and the image will be saved inside Pictures Library. To Open Windows 8 Charms Press Window + C, Windows 8 Charms let you access important Pc Settings and Options to Shut Down your Computer. Hit Window + X or right click on Start button(Windows 8.1) to View the secret Start menu , the secret Start menu has list of important windows features like Command Prompt Admin, Task manger, Power Options, Shut Down Option and more.

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Windows 8 Sync

In Windows you can Sync All of your Settings and Personalization to other Computers.to do that you need Microsoft ID which you use to login to the Microsoft services like Outlook/Hotmail, One Drive. You can sync your photos and Emails Easily. if you use Windows 8 on Desktop and laptop it will instantly transfer your Setting and Preferences, if you use windows machines in your House and Office it will be more useful.it is the best way to keep your Settings, Bookmarks, Wallpapers, Photos and other data’s consistent across machines . You can decide what you want to sync.

Combine Metro and Desktop

Windows 8 lets you to Dock Start Screen Apps to the left or right side of the Display. With this feature you can view your Emails while working in Excel or Word, or check Facebook Updates while working on Photoshop.to do that Open any Windows 8 App, move the cursor to top and Drag the App to the side of the screen to dock it. You can also Dock two Start Screen Apps and work with it same time.

5 Best Hidden Features in Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows 8 Secret Start Menu

In Windows 8 Microsoft Replaced the Start Menu with an animated tiled page of Apps, most of the users didn’t like that Feature. The Secret Start menu is sort of the old Start menu. To open the Secret Start menu right click on the start button(windows 8.1) or right click in the lower left corner of the screen. Secret start menu has Quick links to Task manager, Programs and Features, Device Manager, Power Options, Command Prompt and other Key features of Windows. from here you can Open Run box, File Explorer and Search Files.

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