5 Best Google Docs Tips and Tricks 2015

Google Docs is used to Create and Edit web based Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. Users can store Documents Online and Access them form Any Device.

it is one of the best Online Word Processors Available, here are Five Tips and Tricks for Google Docs.

How to Use Google Docs Offline

Did you know you can view and edit your Google Documents Offline. If you lose Power or if your Internet Connection becomes inconsistent you can Still write, Edit and View your Document. All the Changes you made while you are Offline will be reflect on the online Version Once you connected to the Internet.

This Feature will only Work on Google Chrome Browsers. To enable Offline Access for Google Docs.

Open Google Drive in Chrome Browser.

Click the Gear icon (Located at top right) and go to Settings.

The Settings Windows will Pop Up, Find Offline and Check the Box written off as “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline”

Click “Done” to Finish.

From now on you can Use Google Docs Even when you don’t have Internet Connection.

5 Best Google Docs Tips and Tricks 2015

Insert Links Automatically

The name Google is Known for its Powerful Search Engine. Google Docs use google Search to its Advantage. Google Combined google Search into Google Docs, users can insert links without Opening new tab or Searching for the Specific Web Site.

To use this Feature highlight a Text then Right Click and choose “Link” or you can Press Ctrl + K on Keyboard. A dialog box will show up from there you can enter the hypertext and Search for the web Address. You can choose a matched page to automatically create a link.

5 Best Google Docs Tips and Tricks 2015

Team Collaboration in Real Time

Unlike Microsoft Office, Google Docs let you and Your Team Work on a same Project at the Same Time. Everyone who has a Permission to Access the documents can View and Edit. Users can identify each individual Editors by their cursor Color.
To give Access to a Document, while the document is Open click the Share Button located at the top right corner.

5 Best Google Docs Tips and Tricks 2015

A dialog box will show Up, Enter your Team members’ Email Address and click Send. You can also change the Type of Access your Team members will get. You can allow them only to leave Comments without changing the contents. Or allow them only to View contents. The changes made by team members will update in real Time so the most recent copy of the document will always be available to the Team.

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Publish Documents 

In Google Docs Anyone can Share their Documents with the world, to do that First Open the Document, Then Go to File and Click “Publish to the Web”.
A dialog box will Show Up Click the “Publish” button to confirm. After that a Web Link and Embed Code will be available to you, which you can Send to anyone you want.
This might look similar to the Google Docs collaboration feature, however there is a small difference. If you publish your Document Online, Everyone with the Link can see the Document as a Normal Web page.

5 Best Google Docs Tips and Tricks 2015

Navigate Typographical errors Using Keyboard Shortcuts 

Google Docs has Many Tools to Edit a Document as Easy as Possible. Use these shortcuts to Find and correct typographical errors

Ctrl + ‘ for next typo
Ctrl + ; for Previous typo

You can also use Spell Checker to Spot other Mistakes in your Documents.to Open Spell Checker Click on Tools and then click “Spelling” this Will Open Search and Replace bar.

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